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Privacy Bureaux, Comodo Cybersecurity form strategic partnership in AU
Wed, 4th May 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Privacy Bureaux has announced a strategic extension to its Enterprise Protection Suite aimed at protecting the mid-market by including core components of Comodo's cybersecurity active breach protection technology.

The addition of Comodo's privacy and cyber security solutions delivers game changing protection for Privacy Bureaux's mid-market and SME clients, who receive simple, secure and affordable cyber security solutions.

Many businesses looking to choose endpoint cybersecurity protection face a daunting process with a myriad of products to choose from, all with the same or very similar functions. While they may use different terminologies, fundamentally they are all based on the same basic concept of detecting malware or detecting malicious activity post breach.

“Unfortunately, in today's regulated environment, this is simply not good enough. By the time a business detects an intruder, some data may have been stolen. Detection is no longer the best solution,” says Ronnie Rajendra, Privacy Bureaux's Advisory Board Member.

In Australia alone approximately $5 billion was spent on cybersecurity related products in 2021. Globally in 2022, it is estimated that $170 billion will be spent on security products, yet breaches continue to be reported daily. Businesses need to shift from throwing more money at the problem to understanding the root cause and stopping breaches from occurring.

“At Privacy Bureaux, we recognised that a very simple process is needed to stop hackers from infecting endpoints - if you stop all unknown malicious files from writing to the disk, COM Interface or the registry, you stop the breach before the breach occurs," says  Rajendra.

“No breach equals no damage. The challenge is that this process historically also stops productivity, disrupts users and creates chaos for internal IT teams. This was not sustainable.

Privacy Bureaux' partnership with Comodo allows the organisation to stop all unknown files from writing to the disk, COM interface and registry by isolating these writes in a secure virtual (patented) environment.

The combined technology is able to analyse an unknown file in real time to determine if it is safe or malicious, while the user continues to interact with the application as normal, with no impact on productivity or risk of infection.

All writes are contained in a unique secure virtual environment, so the machine is totally protected while the rest of the entire network is protected. No hackers. No malware. No ransomware.

“After an extensive market evaluation and offensive security testing, we are ready to include Comodo's revolutionary technology into our Enterprise Protection Suite," says Rajendra.

“Privacy Bureaux is dedicated to providing simple, secure and affordable solutions to mid-market and SMEs and we are unique in that we work at the intersection of privacy, security and data governance to protect our customers' reputation and maintain their customers' trust."

The pandemic has forced employees to work from home, resulting in an enormous amount of sensitive data residing on remote endpoints, which are the easiest breach point for hackers. For Privacy Bureaux's customers the endpoint is the new perimeter and that if the organisation can tighten endpoint security, it removes a major pain point. The Enterprise Protection Suite has been designed specifically to do that.

Comodo publishes a weekly figure for the rate of its clients infections, and since 5 October 2020 these have been zero.

“While you can never guarantee that in the future you will never be breached, a past track record is a strong indicator of future performance. Does any other cybersecurity vendor publish their rate of infections – we have not found any,” says Greg Wyman, VP of Australia and New Zealand at Comodo.

Rajendra adds, "The challenge for most service providers and organisations alike, is that there is no ‘one size fits all' solution.

"At Privacy Bureaux, we take a holistic, pragmatic and methodical approach to help ensuring maximum security and compliance with minimum disruption to business processes at an affordable cost.