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Vertiv futureproofs Malaysian state-owned water distributor's data center
Fri, 20th Oct 2017
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Vertiv has installed its SmartRow Plus data center in the new facility of Malaysia's Syarikat Air Darl Aman (SADA), a water distribution provider in Malaysia.

The new equipment was installed in close collaboration with Vertiv partner FPS in SADA's Alor Setar office.

SADA expects to have reduced total cost of ownership (TCO) with the SmartRow Plus data center and lessen the physical footprint of their IT network.

The new facility would also make possible future expansions as their needs arise.

SADA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Kedah Darul Aman that serves thousands of residents in the region of Kedah, set out to upgrade their IT infrastructure.

They only had a small server room in their new office facility to house a new server.

Muahamad Fauzi B. Haji Romli, SADA ICT technician, says the need to provide better service to customers prompted them to upgrade their current IT facility.

“We didn't want to hamper our operations with our upgrades. Speed and flexibility and efficiency were the main considerations in going after an integrated infrastructure,” Romli says.

SADA explored several vendors and solutions prior to choosing Vertiv, which worked closely with partner FPS to build SADA's new infrastructure.

Lee Chiun Lin, FPS sales manager, says SmartRow Plus was selected as the best solution to overcome SADA's space and cooling constraints.

The final set up for SADA consisted of eight racks, fully integrated with power, thermal and monitoring solutions in a small footprint.

In addition, SmartRow Plus is flexible, with provisions to increase capacity if and when SADA requires over a long period.

It features high-efficiency cooling that can significantly reduce heat, high availability that could save as much as 30%, modularity for flexibility and expansion, and an integrated monitoring and control.

“We chose SmartRow Plus because it offered the best solution for SADA'S needs. It was effective in terms of energy savings and efficiency,” Lee says.

The entire project took two months to complete, with little downtime in the operation of SADA as the new equipment was being installed.

“We were looking for a complete solution and the SmartRow Plus was the only one that met our requirements for a total data center package,” Romli says.

Hitesh Prajapti, Vertiv Malaysia country manager, says SADA's selection of Vertiv is a great testimony to our ability to support critical industries like utilities who need speed, efficiency, and flexibility.

“The team at SADA valued the fully integrated solutions not only for the technology benefits but also for the relatively short deployment time with minimal disruptions to their business operations,” Prajapti says.

“We are confident that this solution will deliver great savings as they desired. Even now, they have got immediate benefits from the space optimization that this approach provides.