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TEMI & Workia push tech adoption in Australasian firms
Wed, 7th Feb 2024

The Employee Mobility Institute (TEMI), in a keen move for technological advancement, has partnered with Workia. This partnership aims to propel the adoption of new technology and help Australasian firms retain their competitive edge in the global market.

The Employee Mobility Institute (TEMi) is the Australasian talent mobility industry's professional development body. TEMi delivers training, networking and educational resources for global workforce management professionals. TEMi also produces the Australasian Mobile Workforce Awards program. The program sees involvement from local and multinational organisations from across Australasia each year.

Complimenting TEMi, Workia offers modern, affordable, easy-to-use technology for mobility teams to organise their domestic and international employee moves. Workia enables companies with as few as 20 moves a year to benefit from the efficiency, organisation and security of tech.

Established to assist local talent mobility practitioners in leveraging the benefits of new technologies, the collaboration underscores TEMI's commitment to expanding its network of reliable partners. According to TEMI's Founder, Deborah de Cerff, the partnership will play a critical role in catapulting local companies into a new operational efficiency era with unprecedented opportunities for automation in tasks, communications, reporting, filing and storage, and collaborative supplier management.

Sadly, de Cerff noted that many local practitioners focused too much on the 'touch vs tech' debate, slowing technological progress in the industry. "While the 'people side' of talent mobility will always be most important, digitisation is becoming the norm, and organisations of all sizes need to consider how they can automate and modernise, to enhance efficiencies and improve employee experience," de Cerff stated.

Determined to bridge the gap, this TEMI initiative helps organisations of all sizes consider automation and modernisation to improve efficiency and enhance the employee experience.

Workia, supported by Equus Software, provides affordable and user-friendly software that allows for a smoother transition from manual spreadsheets to digital move management. Co-founder Oliver Trundley describes the product as a 'middle ground' for small and medium-sized mobility programmes. "Workia is both affordable and intuitive, with no need for IT training to use it, it just works," Trundley commented.

To promote a better understanding of the value of mobility technology, TEMI and Workia have also launched an educational webinar series for workforce management professionals. They hope that through education, more businesses will incorporate modern practices and remain competitive on the global stage. The initiative brings renewed innovation and digital transformation to the Australasian talent mobility industry, demonstrating that 'touch vs tech' should not be a contentious issue.

By joining forces with Workia, TEMI proves its commitment towards encouraging a digital-forward mindset in the talent mobility field. The partnership will provide impetus for Australasian businesses to transition seamlessly to digital move management for greater operational efficiency across the board.