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SmartBear named Winter 2023 Intellyx Digital Innovator Award winner
Wed, 6th Dec 2023

SmartBear, a software development and visibility tools provider, has been honoured with the Winter 2023 Intellyx Digital Innovator Award. Intellyx, credited as the industry's foremost analysis and advisory firm, awards this accolade to vendors who pass their intensive briefing selection process and successfully deliver an effective briefing.

The Intellyx Digital Innovator Awards, now in their third year, highlight the leading-edge vendors spearheading digital transformation within the enterprise IT marketplace. SmartBear has been recognised for its dedication to improving application design, development, and operational visibility across the DevOps lifecycle.

This achievement is the result of their unified expansive product toolsets with newly introduced workspaces, taking the form of three hubs focused on software testing, development, and production readiness.

Jason English, Partner and Principal Analyst at Intellyx commends SmartBear for its dedication to enhancing application design, development, and operational visibility throughout the DevOps lifecycle. According to Jason English, this strategic approach positions SmartBear as one of the industry's most innovative and disruptive vendors.

Jason English said, "SmartBear continues on its mission of improving application design, development and operational visibility across the DevOps lifecycle by unifying its expansive product toolsets with new workspaces in the form of three hubs for software testing, development and production readiness."

"That's why we consider them one of the most innovative and disruptive vendors in their space," Jason English added. 

SmartBear seeks to remain at the forefront of the ever-evolving enterprise software market, providing cutting-edge developer visibility capabilities. These enable customers to gain a richer comprehension of three crucial areas: API development, testing, and production readiness. Answering the challenges of a fast-paced, dynamic enterprise software environment is central to their ongoing strategy.

Cynthia Gumbert, Chief Marketing Officer at SmartBear, expressed gratitude to Intellyx for acknowledging SmartBear as a leading vendor in the digital transformation realm. Gumbert highlighted SmartBear's commitment to offering development teams enhanced visibility throughout the software development lifecycle.

This increased visibility enables customers to accelerate their delivery processes while maintaining consistently high-quality outcomes. Gumbert emphasised that these capabilities are particularly valuable in addressing the urgent requirements of the rapidly evolving digital enterprise landscape, both in 2024 and beyond.

Cynthia Gumbert said, "Thank you to Intellyx for recognising SmartBear among cutting-edge vendors in the digital transformation space."

"By providing development teams with ever-increasing visibility across the software development lifecycle, we enable customers to deliver faster with continuously higher quality, addressing the pressing needs of today's rapidly changing digital enterprise landscape in 2024 and beyond," said the CMO of Smartbear. 

This achievement underscores SmartBear's dedication to its customers and their vision for software development's future. With Its award-winning, user-centric approach, SmartBear is set to continue leading the way in providing software development teams with industry-defining visibility and innovative toolsets.