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REINSW revolutionises training with Brightspace learning system
Thu, 29th Feb 2024

The Real Estate Institute of New South Wales (REINSW) has seen a remarkable turnaround in its training programmes after implementing D2L's Brightspace learning management system (LMS) in February 2023. The LMS has facilitated a transformed education provision with the REINSW able to guarantee that members have attained and are maintaining the requisite real estate industry standards.

REINSW acts as the premier association body for real estate professionals in the state. The Institute offers critical training and accreditation to a diverse group comprised of professionals at various career stages. It provides essential educational pathways for those seeking entry-level positions in real estate or experienced agents aiming to become licensees in charge and run their own agency. Additionally, the REINSW undertakes continuous professional development training, helping agents maintain their yearly licence requirements.

Aaron Barber, REINSW training manager explains the importance of providing high-quality training and ensuring compliance within the real estate industry, stating that severe penalties are in place for non-compliant real estate agents. This protects not only the agents but also consumers, as contracts could be rescinded or fees, deposits and commissions lost due to lapses in training quality and compliance.

Barber notes, "It's important that people who are considering becoming a real estate agent look for a provider like REINSW that is renowned for quality outcomes and has quality interactive platforms that allow agents to have an enriched learning experience. If the right compliant training is not received, it's not just the real estate agents who are affected but also consumers."

However, the REINSW faced multiple challenges regarding delivering such training due to a decade-old and outdated learning management system. The LMS's limited functionality led to learner dissatisfaction and inhibited the Institute's ability to provide effective, individualised training. Brightspace, with its adaptability and comprehensive suite of interactive tools and contextualised learning, was chosen after a six-month consultation with LMS providers and stakeholders.

Implemented within just 12 weeks, Brightspace's features included documentation, forms and video assessments. Its multiple engagement methods address language, literacy and numeracy standards, and a single sign-on capability simplifies the whole process, facilitating a more seamless learning journey for the trainees.

Since adopting Brightspace, the REINSW has noticed a positive improvement in its training programmes. Notably, there has been a 100% increase in the number of people using the Institute as a training provider and a similar enhancement in learner satisfaction levels. The positive feedback indicates a high level of engagement with the platform by its users.

Barber highlight Brightspace's impact, "I have seen an increase in completion rates within our qualifications, and there are two reasons for that. The system is a lot easier for our learners to use and interact with. Also, with the reporting and the visual aspects of Brightspace, we can see learner progression and where they're struggling. This then allows my learner support officers to engage a lot more with learners when they contact them."

Overall, the REINSW's transition to Brightspace has led to increased learner satisfaction, improved course completion rates and enhanced engagement scores for association members. The platform's flexibility and seamless integration with existing systems have poised the Institute for continued success in providing top-notch training for the real estate industry in NSW.