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Qlik acquires Mozaic Data advancing AI-driven data management technology
Thu, 21st Dec 2023

Qlik, a provider of data integration and analytics solutions, has announced its strategic acquisition of Mozaic Data, a pioneering firm pushing the boundaries of AI-driven data management technology.

This development aims to simplify data management operations for enterprises across various sectors and signifies a new phase in data product-focused management to enhance data quality and governance.

Stewart Bond, Vice President of Data Intelligence and Integration Software at IDC, suggests that Qlik's progressive approach to data management signifies an industry evolution.

Bond stated, "Organisations are increasingly seeking to create domain-centric data products that transcend data integration and quality. There's an elevated expectation within the industry. The focus of Qlik's data quality and governance offerings to embody the concept of data products highlights a maturity that resonates with today's customer needs."

Qlik's acquisition will see Mozaic's founder, Sharad Kumar, join the firm as the Regional Head of Data Integration and Quality, lending his expertise to help shape a next-generation Data Product Catalog solution. This appointment will allow customers to extract more value from their data quickly and efficiently.

"Joining Qlik is a significant milestone for Mozaic Data. We share a vision to improve data consumption by maximising value from data investments. This is an opportunity to advance the efficiency and innovation in data management driven by AI," shares Kumar.

Drew Clarke, General Manager of the Data Business Unit at Qlik, explained the strategic rationale behind the acquisition, "The acquisition of Mozaic and Sharad's expertise is a pivotal step in reshaping the data landscape and is a significant contribution to our ongoing work for 2024."

"Customers recognise the importance of treating data as a product - a strategy that aligns with the need for a SaaS-based Data Product Catalog, offering a more efficient and user-friendly experience in data lifecycle management, while also reinforcing a solid foundation for AI-driven data management."

With Mozaic's revolutionary approach to Data Product Experience, the company has enabled organisations to build, secure, govern, deploy, and manage domain-centric data products in the cloud, discoverable through a data product marketplace.

This approach allows for a broad spectrum of consumption patterns, accommodating diverse business use cases. The acquisition anticipates quicker data deployment and utilisation across enterprises, particularly within various cloud platforms.

Harvard Business Review suggests that the notion of treating data as a product may expedite the implementation of new use cases by a tremendous 90% and can potentially decrease the total cost of ownership by a significant 30%.

According to a statement from the company, Qlik stands by its pledge to provide holistic data solutions with this new acquisition, committing to integrate Mozaic’s technology to enhance the entire data consumption experience for businesses.