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PMT Security launches body-temp scanning solution for enterprise, Seadan to distribute

Thu, 2nd Apr 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

PMT Security has released a new product aimed at helping enterprise cope with the threat of contagion.

The security integrator's UNVUSS-TIC500 is a thermal camera solution that screens people entering a premises to establish if they have a fever, which can potentially help combat the spread of infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

The solution is being distributed in Australia by Australian wholesaler Seadan Security and Electronics.

The ‘in-a-box' solution includes all components required for complete thermal body scanning including camera, tripod and ‘black-body', which is used in the body temperature screening system to improve temperature measurement accuracy. The solution components are all manufactured by security camera manufacturer Uni-view.

The solution can be deployed in a relatively small area, and is designed for mobility, PMT says. It can be picked up and moved to another area in a matter of minutes. UNVUSS-TIC500 also has auto-alert functions which allow staff to go about their day-to-day tasks without constant monitoring of the device. It can be operated by existing staff members without the need to employ a dedicated individual to monitor entry points.

The solution is accurate to within 0.3 (plus or minus) of one degree Celsius when professionally installed under the right conditions. Normal human body temperature ranges are pre-set by the manufacturer, so the device can be relied upon to accurately assess if an individual has an elevated temperature. The thermal camera is set to scan an individual walking two metres away, and provides a reading whether that individual is moving or standing still.

“The fact that this is a complete solution, with all parts coming from the same source, makes it particularly attractive,” says Darren Taylor, managing director at PMT Security.

“It is also simple to set up, and ultimately transportable, so will work in a wide variety of spaces and environments to help contain the spread of infection and potentially keep businesses operating in these troubled times," he explains.

“PMT saw the viability and potential for this kind of solution, based on feedback from existing and potential customers."

Taylor says the partnership with Seadan Security and Electronics came about because of its extensive experience and the long history of the two companies working together on major projects.

"It was a no-brainer for us to choose our trusted partners Seadan. We engaged and took advice from them during the decision-making process to find the best UNV product to bring to market,” he says.

Blake Buckland, group general manager at Seadan Security and Electronics, says, “This can be applied to practically any market, from public transport through to retail and large corporate buildings.

"While there is no product that can scan an individual and tell if they have COVID-19 or a similar infection during the incubation phase, this solution removes the possibility of people turning up for work or in public if they are mildly affected, or have decided simply to ‘soldier on' with their sore throat and cough," he explains.

"Business continuity is critical at this time, and anything that can be done to contain the spread of infection is helpful.

Taylor adds, “Hopefully this solution will go some way towards allowing businesses to maintain a healthy working environment, and provide some peace of mind that people entering a premises are not displaying symptoms of fever."

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