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KPMG, Stone & Chalk launch third Future Technology programme
Fri, 15th Mar 2024

KPMG Australia and Stone & Chalk, Australia's largest innovation community, have today announced the third instalment of the Future Technology Program. This noteworthy initiative merges KPMG’s multiple areas of expertise with the innovative ecosystem offered by Stone & Chalk, creating a platform that enables start-ups to develop, implement, and promote better technology and innovative thinking in the Australian economy.

The third iteration of the Future Technology Program centres on workforce technologies. The programme's selected start-ups, including Crewmojo and GoFIGR, are making strides in developing sophisticated solutions designed to tackle the challenges faced by employers and employees in the novel era of work. These challenges entail everything from outdated and impersonal processes, handling the effects of business transformation, taking care of the psychosocial aspects of the workplace, and fostering talent development.

Sarah Vega, National Managing Partner at KPMG Futures, spoke about the selection process for the cohort, asserting that "the pandemic fundamentally changed the nature of the workforce, leaving employees and employers to navigate a complex array of new challenges from mental and emotional wellbeing to technological exhaustion. We're excited to be supporting companies delivering solutions changing the way employers engage with their teams to create a more resilient, supportive and sustainable work environment well into the future".

Each of the five start-ups within the programme will get a complimentary residency for a year at one of the Stone & Chalk's start-up hubs situated in Sydney, Melbourne, or Adelaide. These start-ups can also look forward to guidance and mentoring from KPMG industry leaders to get their teams market-ready in double-quick time, establish vital industry connections, and scope out genuine growth opportunities locally and globally.

Helena Turpin, CEO and co-founder of cohort company GoFIGR, expressed her anticipation at being part of the initiative: "It's not often that startups gain access to the calibre of talent and extended networks available at KPMG, so we are pretty thrilled at the advantage this gives us". Similarly, Matt Smith, CEO and founder of MyPassGlobal, shared his enthusiasm: "I'm excited that MyPass has been selected for KPMG's Future Technology Program. We are planning to grow our business into new markets and verticals and KPMG has the track record and relationships to help us achieve this".

Chris Kirk, Group CEO at Stone & Chalk, also conveyed his sentiments on the news: "We're looking forward to welcoming the next cohort, which through their industry-leading solutions are playing a pivotal role in changing the face of the Australian workforce sector. The technology behind each start-up will help companies across the country quickly and efficiently pivot to manage the shifting workplace environment, ensuring more time and effort is placed into strategic initiatives and employee wellbeing."

The cohort of the Future Technology Program include Crewmojo, GoFIGR, Matae, MyPass Global, and RespectX. Each of these start-ups is playing a vital role in transforming the Australian workforce through innovative solutions designed to meet emerging business needs and boost employee wellbeing.