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Hands-on review: Suunto 9 Peak
Fri, 30th Sep 2022
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The Suunto 9 Peak is a sports watch that tracks your movement and other metrics, such as heart rate and calories burned.

Without a doubt, the Suunto 9 Peak looks like an ideal outdoor sports watch and is the most beautiful watch in the Suunto portfolio to this day.

This watch can measure a lot of useful metrics such as your position, your altitude and your blood oxygen. It can also count your steps, monitor your stress via heart rate variability measurements and much more. I tried it and found it quite accurate, and it updates you immediately.

The blood oxygen is usually measured with a pulse oximeter that attaches to the finger. Smart watches like the Suunto 9 Peak measure it by projecting light through the wrist and measuring its reflection.

Right now, the main benefit of measuring blood oxygen levels from a connected watch is learning what is considered normal for your body. While smartwatches are not intended to make medical diagnoses, they provide a signal that you can send to your doctor when you are not feeling well or if you notice a change in your body.

Keep in mind that to measure your blood oxygen, you have to keep your body still.


On paper, the battery life is up to 14 days in time mode and to 7 days with 24/7 tracking and mobile notifications, and according to my tests, it is quite correct. 

In addition, its full charge is slightly more than an hour (68 min).


You can connect the Suunto 9 Peak to any phone by Bluetooth with the Suunto app in a few seconds, which allows you to have your phone notifications on the watch.

With this application, you can also check your training progress and your runs on the map, along with the ability to do many other things like scheduling your training. It is an ideal tool to set your goals and help you achieve them without losing motivation.

It is also possible to create running routes on the map from your phone and follow up with your watch. You can check the distance, the ascent, the descent, the highest point and many other details. It is perfect for runners, and even for me who doesn't run, I find it a very attractive offering.

Physical characteristics

With its measurements of 43 x 43 x 10.6 mm / 1.69 x 1.69 x 0.42 " and its weight of 62 g / 2.19 oz, the Suunto 9 Peak is quite light and comfortable on the wrist. Moreover, the silicone strap is adaptable to all types of wrists, giving it a more unisex appeal than most other outdoor watches.

This watch is available in 5 different colours: All Black/ Moss Gray/ Granite Blue Titanium/ Birch White Titanium/ Full Titanium Black and customised. The glass is in sapphire crystal, and the case is in stainless steel with glass fibre and reinforced polyamide.

This new watch from Suunto has everything you need, no matter what goals you want to achieve. Its unique characteristics and stylish design make it a must-have for anyone delving into the smartwatch market.