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Frisk partners Simplicity One to expand its market reach
Fri, 10th Feb 2023
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Adelaide-based data intelligence company Frisk has signed Simplicity One as a strategic partner to assist in expanding Frisk’s brand and establishing new market opportunities.

Simplicity One is a locally owned technology consultancy consisting of highly skilled and experienced executives specializing in establishing new and emerging technology vendors and solution providers across Australia.

“This strategic partnership will help us establish new opportunities to help more customers unlock enormous value from their data while allowing Frisk to grow and develop new use cases and business capabilities for the ECI Platform,” says Steve Farrimond, head of partner growth at Frisk. 

“Frisk is expanding nationally, and Simplicity One is well positioned to assist with that growth in our target sectors and markets that include Government, Defence and National Security.”

“It’s an exciting partnership for us, as Simplicity One understands Frisk’s solution and how to present our value proposition to potential clients. They will work closely with us on targeted campaigns around Freedom of Information Requests and Enterprise Search to help establish new markets for us”.

Frisk is a next-gen agile data intelligence company and technology platform that provides artificial intelligence, data augmentation and decision optimization solutions to SME, enterprise and government customers.

Frisk's products are designed to revolutionize how organizations utilize and augment data to deliver powerful insights that optimize decision-making, delivering tangible commercial benefits to the business. Notable ones are ECI Software and CE Software. 

“Our flexible solution, ECI, unlocks enormous value for our clients through an intuitive end-to-end experience that connects and enriches data and empowers decision optimization. A user-friendly search and insight interface, ECI cuts through technology barriers to find and identify important information and missed opportunities. While we do collaborate with data scientists, analysts and enterprise IT specialists, ECI can generally be used by people who don't boast a high level of data and IT literacy. ECI is an improvement over single source/inherent search engines because it can connect many disparate data sources in one interface. This revolutionary software has a number of other standout capabilities. Flexible content fetching and processing, as well as a distributed full-text index and content analytics capabilities, makes ECI fast, robust and scalable," explains Farrimond.

“Whereas, our CE Software is an intuitive software which provides a simple way to explore data connections even when your data is not complete. A next generation connection exploration tool that will intelligently compare records automatically, CE looks for similarities and connections. It can find similar names, words, numbers, and other entity characteristics across the raft of partial data fragments that are typically generated within organizations and from online communications. Using word vector models across the partial data, it will also provide suggestions for new search terms to make exploration efficient and comprehensive. It doesn't need to be spelt the same or complete for you to find the connection. CE streamlines finding connections between new incoming data and existing data sets whilst maintaining data fidelity. It can be tuned to balance finding possible connections and insights with reporting noise,” he adds. 

“The strategic relationship with Frisk aligns to our core objectives of helping new and innovative Australian companies grow their business and be recognized by the market for their innovative capabilities,” adds Dale Senti, Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Simplicity One. 

“Simplicity One’s mission is to promote amazing companies who have simplified a complex problem through sophistication and to simplify their approach to business growth into key target markets, such as Government, Defence and National Security. We achieve this by providing our customers presence and a differentiated business growth strategy in these markets in an effective, efficient and simplistic manner.”