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First AWS Builder Studio launched in Melbourne's Amazon office
Fri, 15th Mar 2024

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has unveiled its first AWS Builder Studio in Asia-Pacific, found at the heart of Melbourne. Positioned as a launchpad for customers across the region, the Builder Studio is envisioned to fast-track the creation of industry-specific solutions employing state-of-the-art technologies like generative AI, machine learning (ML), and robotics. The facility was officially opened by Natalie Hutchins MP, Victorian Minister for Jobs and Industry, along with Australian customers Woodside Energy and KomplyAi, both of whom have already harnessed the studio to test new solutions.

Covering 350 square metres within Amazon's newest Melbourne office, the AWS Builder Studio welcomes customers from all industries, aiming to enable them to adopt AWS technologies in a hands-on environment, foster experimentation, and expedite the creation of new solutions more cost-efficiently. This new facility is set to support AWS's existing plans to invest AU$13.2 billion in its cloud infrastructure in Sydney and Melbourne from 2023 to 2027, a contribution projected to deliver an estimated AU$35 billion to Australian GDP by 2027.

In the words of Adrian De Luca, Director of Cloud Acceleration, Asia Pacific at AWS, customers have the opportunity to "connect with AWS's Prototyping and Cloud Engineering Team over three to six-week engagement centred around Amazon's unique culture of innovation methodology". Targeting the needs of organisations, AWS offers assistance in identifying business opportunities and utilising its services, skills, and methodologies to pilot new solutions. A working prototype is the expected outcome of the engagement, helping customers validate and test ideas before committing significant resources to real-world production.

Cognisant of the need for inspiration during these projects, customers can view and draw from real-world use cases showcased in AWS's Innovation Showroom, created by AWS technologists and partners and representing industries like retail, construction, and financial services. Features include the Intelligent Welcome that personalises visitor engagement; the Smart Space that uses 3D spaces for design experimentation; and Mi Casa, which employs Amazon devices for intuitive home and office management.

Adding to its appeal, the AWS Builder Studio also includes a dedicated workshop area for developers and engineers to embark on complex electronic projects, and a server room that supports applications requiring low latency or local processing, such as automated manufacturing operations and real-time patient diagnosis.

Rianne Van Veldhuizen, managing director at AWS in Australia and New Zealand, expressed her satisfaction at designating Melbourne the home of the first Asia Pacific AWS Builder Studio. She said that it signifies another step forward in the commitment to aid customers in Australia and across the region to fast-track innovation across all industries. She stated, "With breakthroughs in generative AI, robotics, IoT and other emerging technologies, our goal is to apply these technologies directly to customer user cases and make them more tangible, accessible, and engaging for companies of all sizes."

This innovation has already been adopted by organisations including KomplyAi, V2 Digital, and Woodside Energy. These firms, among others, have employed Amazon’s culture of innovation method to expedite the launch of new products, redefine customer experiences, and enhance efficiencies. Thus, AWS aims to significantly impact not just their partners but the broader technology and business ecosystem alike.