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DQA & DickersonDigital join forces, bolstering Australian IT sector
Fri, 8th Dec 2023

Australian strategy delivery and technology specialist DQA has joined forces with Indigenous-owned IT expert DickersonDigital. This collaboration is set to broaden capabilities and infrastructure for businesses, government departments and community organisations across Australia while championing Indigenous enterprises.

Steve Melville, Chief Executive Officer of DQA, indicated that the partnership is a significant step towards building better services for all Australians. "We are incredibly excited to partner with DickersonDigital on projects that truly make a difference to the services that affect all Australians," he said.

The goal is to improve existing systems and explore new opportunities that promote entrepreneurship and self-determination, particularly for First Nations people. Steve Melville emphasises using their combined strengths to uplift and innovate to benefit the broader community and empower indigenous communities.

"Combining our joint technical capabilities, networks and scope through this partnership will allow us to uplift further the systems Australians rely on while opening the door to new possibilities to encourage entrepreneurship and self-determination for First Nations people," said Steve Melville. 

Building upon an existing relationship with Kalinda IT, the partnership promises to create meaningful impacts and extend the influence of DQA and DickersonDigital, particularly in complex critical infrastructure environments where cybersecurity is a fundamental consideration.

DQA has established a reputable history of using Microsoft's advanced cloud capabilities to help establish new agencies, organisations, and collaboration frameworks entirely in the cloud in record time. As part of their work, they are committed to ensuring a secure and flexible end-user experience, which has led to improved services and outcomes for all Australians.

Michael Dickerson, CEO of DickersonDigital, highlights the importance of formalising the partnership with DQA (Data Quality Australia). He expresses that this collaboration is instrumental in realising the ambitious goals and projects aligned with DickersonDigital's organisational vision.

Dickerson looks forward to leveraging DQA's credibility to strengthen their partnership, expressing excitement about the collaborative efforts aimed at delivering meaningful outcomes for the Australian community.

Michael Dickerson said, "Formalising our partnership with DQA will allow us to achieve the ambitious goals and projects that are a part of our vision as an organisation."

"We look forward to building on our partnership with an organisation possessing the credibility of DQA and are excited to collaborate on developing meaningful outcomes for all Australians," said Dickerson. 

DickersonDigital is known for its emphasis on digital transformation and creating customer service solutions across Australia, Europe and the Asia Pacific. With current relationships with TiakiGlobal, Kalinda IT, and GDS Tech, the DQA partnership is set to strengthen its focus on recruitment pathways and opportunities for the Indigenous community.

Exciting new initiatives are expected to be announced in the upcoming months, further highlighting the value of this partnership in unlocking complex technology solutions for government and commercial organisations.