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Dicker Data pushes reseller role with CloudPortal

By Heather Wright, Wed 29 Jul 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Dicker Data has launched its ‘all-inclusive’ cloud offering, which it says enables resellers to deliver a wide-range of cloud solutions and physical services with a single pane of glass to buy, manage and scale IT solutions.

The distributor is pushing that resellers themselves know best what their clients want, with CloudPortal enabling resellers to deliver of a wide range of cloud and physical services to customers ranging from individuals to organisations with several thousand seats.

David Dicker, Dicker Data chairman and chief executive, says the company is taking ‘an all-inclusive approach to cloud because partners are moving at different paces’.

“Our strategy isn’t to dictate how a partner should deploy their solutions, but rather to provide them with a range of alternatives that can be utilised how they see best for their customers.”

The distributor debuted CloudPortal at its first ever national roadshow last night.

Launch vendors include Cisco, Microsoft, HP, Fujitsu, Intel, Lenovo, APC by Schneider Electric, Citrix, SoftLayer and NextDC.

Dicker says the CloudPortal offering provides partners with the ability to deploy customised cloud solutions from a wide range of vendor partners.

CloudPortal covers five key pillars of infrastructure, business continuity, security and compliance, applications and services, with a range of offerings from Dicker Data’s vendor partners in each of the five segments.

“The philosophy behind these pillars is that Dicker Data is able to provide partners with solutions regardless of where they are in their journey,” the company says.

“Our partners are in the best position to know whether to deploy on-premise, hybrid, private, trusted or public cloud.”

Dicker Data says CloudPortal is designed to give partners the maximum amount of choice and flexibility to deliver the solutions they believe best suit their customers’ needs.

Dicker Data will provide ‘a foundation of support’, including solution architecture, presales, sales, deployment and implementation services.

The offering also allows white labelling, with resellers able to have their own domain, such as, complete with their own logo and branding colours. Customers can then have dedicated logins to view their commitments via the partner.

“This allows partners to professionally present their end-users with a portal to track and manage their commitments, renewals and subscriptions,” Dicker Data says, adding there is ‘no additional charge’ for the feature.

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