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CAST Highlight shines in G2's Winter 2024 software intelligence rankings
Thu, 4th Jan 2024

CAST Highlight, a software intelligence product, has attained significant recognition in G2's latest Winter 2024 Reports. The product received notable rankings in the Software Composition Analysis (SCA) and Application Portfolio Management categories. CAST Highlight's user-centric design and robust functionality also drew accolades, securing the "Easiest to do Business With" and "Easiest Admin" awards.

G2, known as the largest and most trusted software marketplace, assesses products based on reviews sourced from its user community, as well as aggregated data from online sources and social networks. This information is collectively plotted on G2's proprietary grid, which provides potential buyers with comparative product data to facilitate decision-making based on the experiences and feedback of their contemporaries.

CAST Highlight excelled in several key areas according to the G2 evaluation. Alongside its leading positions in SCA and Application Portfolio Management, it also holds the number two spot in the SCA product category and the Application Portfolio Management category, specifically for the Enterprise client segment. Further emphasising its performance, it boasts an overall user rating of 4.5/5, with an impressive 72% of reviewers granting perfect scores.

Greg Rivera, the Vice President of CAST Highlight, expressed satisfaction and pride in the company's recognition by G2. He emphasised that this acknowledgement reflects the company's commitment to offering solutions that effectively address the changing requirements of their clients. The positive rankings, according to Rivera, highlight the team's dedication and the product's capability to provide significant value for Chief Information Officers (CIOs), application owners, and IT teams.

Vice President of CAST Highlight, Greg Rivera, said, "Recognition from G2 reflects our dedication to providing solutions that meet the evolving needs of our clients. These rankings are a testament to our team's hard work and our product's ability to deliver exceptional value for CIOs, application owners, and their IT teams."

Available as a Software as a Service (SaaS), CAST Highlight offers swift, informed insights across an application portfolio. The software acts as a control tower, automatically decoding the source code of hundreds of applications in mere hours. It provides actionable intelligence on Software Health (covering resiliency, agility, and technical debt), Cloud Maturity, Software Composition Analysis (addressing open source risks), and Green Impact.

Moreover, the software has built-in surveys that also capture organisational context, allowing for more informed decision-making relating to application portfolios. The outcome is smarter portfolio governance, faster cloud modernisation, tighter open-source risk control, and more sustainable software.

This prestigious recognition underscores CAST Highlight's reputation as an industry leader, frequently relied upon by digital leaders worldwide to provide insights about their software systems. Its ability to derive an automatic understanding of software necessitates expediency, informed decision-making, and thorough risk control, all features lauded by its numerous users and documented in these latest G2 rankings.