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Yunex Traffic to provide management system for Sydney's Western Harbour Tunnel
Thu, 28th Dec 2023

Yunex Traffic, a global expert in intelligent traffic management solutions, is to provide the Operations Management and Control System (OMCS) for the Western Harbour Tunnel in Sydney, Australia. The new twin 6.5-kilometre motorway tunnel, now under construction, will have three lanes in each direction.

The ambitious undertaking aims to transform the way people and goods move around the city by creating a western bypass of the Sydney CBD. This will help relieve pressure on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, The Sydney Harbour Tunnel, the Anzac Bridge and the Western Distributor corridors.

The deployment of the comprehensive motorway control system, Yutraffic Varia, will be in partnership with Transport for NSW and ACCIONA. Yutraffic Varia harmonises traffic and enables automated responses to critical events, which increases safety in tunnels and reduces congestion.

Yunex Traffic's involvement in this project comes amid a time of significant growth for Sydney. Over the next 40 years, the city's population is predicted to increase from five million to eight million people. Moreover, Sydney's economy is anticipated to double by 2031, leading to job growth in Sydney's Global Economic Corridor.

To manage the expected growth and ease potential congestion, Transport for NSW is developing the new tunnel to improve transport connections, provide faster access to public transport interchanges, and create opportunities for new direct bus services.

Managing tunnels involves monitoring many indicators and managing numerous processes. Yunex Traffic's platform, Yutraffic Varia, will streamline management by integrating all essential tunnel systems and sub-systems into one comprehensive and modular platform. This will enable traffic operators to monitor and manage all processes through a single application, enhancing control and safety.

Commenting on the project, Fred Kalt, Managing Director of Yunex Traffic Asia Pacific, said, "While a growing urban population promises economic growth, the existing transportation infrastructure demands innovation that meets people's needs. Intelligent solutions are needed to help reduce congestion and increase travel speed and safety."

"With Yutraffic Varia as the management platform for the Western Harbour Tunnel, we're orchestrating a holistic approach to tunnel management. By integrating key systems and enabling rapid response, we're committed to ensuring safer and smoother journeys for the community as Sydney continues to evolve."

Yutraffic Varia offers automatic response plans and strategies that enable immediate reaction to unpredictable traffic situations and incidents. The software contributes to safety in tunnels by protecting people on the move. With an uptime of more than 99.9%, operators can rely on Yutraffic Varia for its proven reliability.

Yunex Traffic is subcontracted by ACCIONA for this project, following an intense tender process. ACCIONA is delivering Stage 2 of the Western Harbour Tunnel project, which includes the excavation and construction of an underground motorway from Cove Street Rozelle to North Sydney, among other tasks. The deployment of Yutraffic Varia in the Western Harbour Tunnel adds to Yunex Traffic's impressive global portfolio of intelligent traffic solutions.