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watchTowr partners with Mantel to deliver penetration testing
Thu, 20th Jul 2023

watchTowr has announced a partnership with Australian-owned consultancy Mantel Group to deliver continuous penetration testing technology to Australian and New Zealand organisations.

The watchTowr platform enables organisations to continuously test their cybersecurity defences with the latest attack tactics and techniques, mimicking the persistence and aggression of real-world attackers.

Most companies run penetration testing exercises annually, utilising a third party to hopefully perform an expensive time-limited assessment to identify and remediate security vulnerabilities.

However, in an industry that's evolving daily with new vulnerabilities, tactics and techniques - to stay ahead of attackers, organisations must continuously test their defences with the latest capabilities. Otherwise, they are exposed, typically only discovering that a breach has occurred months later and too late to prevent significant damage.

Mantel Group established a dedicated cybersecurity team focused on assisting organisations in developing and implementing effective cybersecurity strategies. Recent high-profile breaches in Australia have demonstrated how difficult it is for organisations to understand and defend their ever-growing attack surfaces.

“Penetration testing once or twice a year is no longer enough. watchTowr’s Attack Surface Management and Continuous Automated Red Teaming technology makes it incredibly easy for organisations to rapidly uplift their security posture, without the associated cost,” says Benjamin Harris, founder and chief executive officer at watchTowr.

Founded in 2021, watchTowr is a cybersecurity technology company headquartered in Singapore.

“Backed by years of red teaming and adversarial simulation experience, the watchTowr Platform - the next generation of Attack Surface Management (ASM) and Continuous Automated Red Teaming (CART) technology - gives enterprises a real-time understanding of how they could be compromised and beat in-the-wild exploitation of emerging weaknesses,” adds Harris.

“The watchTowr platform is used by organisations to rapidly understand the security posture of subsidiaries, third party suppliers, and mergers and acquisitions targets. Organisations do not need cyber professionals to run watchTowr, the software is always on, continually testing.”

“We know cyber teams in Australia and New Zealand are under increasing pressure facing a growing number of sophisticated attacks against their organisations, so we’re always evaluating new technologies that can help them. watchTowr is a great example of a company disrupting the traditional penetration testing model, with a cloud-based solution that can be easily integrated into existing security processes and up and running in minutes,” says Adam Durbin, chief executive officer of Cyber@Mantel.

“Mantel Group has been working on security consulting projects since its inception, on projects ranging from advisory and vulnerability remediation, cloud hardening, DevSecOps and compliance with a team of more than 35 security experts. With expertise in the Australian and New Zealand market, Mantel Group offers tailored solutions to address the unique challenges faced by Australian enterprises through real-time continuous assurance, integrated tooling, preventative controls and well managed business and technology risk.”