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Vevo & PubMatic team up for global CTV inventory access
Fri, 23rd Feb 2024

Independent technology company PubMatic has announced its collaboration with Vevo, the music video network. The partnership will give media buyers access to Vevo's high-quality CTV inventory on a global scale, marking an era of accelerated programmatic CTV growth for Vevo.

Vevo's global network is extensive, with more than 800,000 videos amounting to a monthly average of 25 billion views. This new partnership will give media buyers unprecedented access to Vevo's premium CTV inventory. PubMatic's large-scale demand, advanced programmatic trading capabilities, and strategic optimisation relationships will allow Vevo to offer targeted ads to a wide variety of audiences in engaged, immersive, and brand-safe environments, delivering significant ad revenue benefits.

This partnership aligns well with Vevo's ambition to achieve ubiquity through the expansion of video distribution and the consistent development of its monetisation strategy. Vevo's content, accessible on its TV application, more than 20 unique Free Ad-Supported TV (FAST) channels, and social platforms like YouTube, is poised to drive its participation in various sales environments. The company is building on past direct dealing successes by making its inventory programmatically available to various demand partners via the PubMatic platform.

PubMatic's ability to provide cutting-edge solutions for improving addressability and transparency will be a crucial component of this partnership, and such factors are renowned for enhancing return on investment (ROI). In addition, the partnership allows for access to Vevo's premium inventory, a strong attraction for media buyers.

Nicole Scaglione, Global VP for CTV/OTT and Video at PubMatic, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: "This collaboration marks a major milestone on multiple fronts. The partnership will enable greater growth and innovation by fulfilling the requirement for an efficient, transparent, and premium-grade supply of inventory."

"As well as allowing us to connect programmatic buyers with high-value music video inventory, it reinforces PubMatic's standing as a leading force in the CTV space, cementing our position as a go-to platform for existing and new CTV players. We look forward to playing a key role in powering trading that optimises ad revenue for both buyers and sellers," said Scaglione.

Natalie Gabathuler-Scully, EVP of Revenue, Distribution and Data Operations, Vevo, added: "This partnership will allow Vevo to considerably elevate the advertising opportunities we can provide at a global level and drive our programmatic business forward. Leveraging PubMatic's extensive preferred demand relationships will considerably augment our monetisation approach, especially across our TV app and FAST channels on over 35 CTV platforms worldwide."

This significant collaboration will further strengthen the position of both PubMatic and Vevo in the digital advertising space, offering an enhanced experience for media buyers and transformative programmatic growth possibilities for the world's prominent music video network.