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VEnterface Project forms new collaboration bonds between Australia & Singapore
Fri, 3rd Apr 2020
FYI, this story is more than a year old

The VEnterface Project is a new way of collaboration between Australia and Singapore developed by Virtual Electronics

Virtual Electronics PTE Ltd appeared on the IT services market in 2019.The company's mission is to provide customers with multi-faceted information technology solutions to the B2B category.

With the development of the mobile app market, requirements for software products have become stricter. Currently, only applications that have been brought to perfect condition, including professional design and a high level of usability, are in demand. If you are confident that you can create a product that will be in demand on the market, you will need a team to create it. And you will definitely have to pay them.

Virtual Electronics PTE Ltd. develops its business taking into account the increased requirements of the market. The scope of services provided by the company includes:

  • Testing or installing client software;
  • Creating websites or mobile apps that can activate augmented reality simulators on Android or iOS operating systems;
  • Providing cloud servers for hosting data and transmitting information.
  • Offering hosting services.

Thus, the range of services provided by the company almost fully meets the basic needs of small, large and medium-sized businesses.

The price/quality ratio makes the corporation a promising player in the market. According to statistics, the corporation's outsourcing services are on average 20% lower than those of its competitors in the market.

This is largely due to the low labour cost of programmers in Ukraine and Belarus.

Such a number of areas of the company's activity, combined with the experience gained in the areas of website development, mobile applications, and cloud-solutions, allowed Virtual Electronics to try its hand at creating large international digital projects, one of which was VEnterface. The VEnterface Project is a new way of digital collaboration between Australia and Singapore developed by Virtual Electronics company.

VEnterface project

Undoubtedly, the implementation of the Content Collaboration Platform for International Digital Business (South Australia-Singapore) or VEnterface project, which reduces barriers to entry into the Singapore information technology market for South Australian companies-newcomers is a major achievement of Virtual Electronics PTE Ltd.

This is especially true for companies in Singapore working in the mining industry, agriculture, and telecommunications. Therefore a start-up proprietary limited Australian company Virtual Electronics Pty LTD is being created by Virtual Electronics PTE Ltd. The new structural division has a number of offices in Adelaide.

Three main dimensions of the VEnterface concept include:

  • Managing of the platform information for smooth data processing. 
  • Knowledge managing for efficient learning and decision making. 
  • Community managing for effective collaboration on the platform.
  • The project's ecosystem involves the next core components: 
  • The knowledge base with an algorithm of intellectual search. 
  • The Virtual Assistant to support customers on the platform. 
  • The training algorithm combined with Google's NLP, Machine learning and AI. 
  • Curated businessmen networking within the VEnterface platform community.

Therefore the VEnterface platform allows customers to:

  • Identify potentially interesting areas of business;
  • Integrate manufactured products and offered services into the database;
  • Conduct analytical activities in terms of analyzing the proposals and needs of the parties involved in the project;
  • Establish business relationships with potential business partners.

According to the company's management plans, the prototype platform will be launched in the 1st quarter of 2020. Customers will be able to provide their services in the second quarter. Creating behaviour algorithms for the virtual assistant will continue until the end of the year.

It is assumed that access to the platform will be free for everyone. However, a number of services, such as creating ads, placing requests, and curatorial collaboration, will cost from $150 per month.

It is estimated that in 2020, the project's revenue will be minimal. The expenses will be mainly due to the costs of web development and product promotion. To cover them the author of the project provides the initial assets.

It is assumed that the MVP version of the VEnterface platform will begin to make a profit from 2021. There should not be any serious problems with sales growth.