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Using education to accelerate the journey into next-generation technology

In our current environment, where technology and business models are evolving more rapidly than ever, individuals and businesses need to stay adaptable in order to succeed, or at the minimum, to survive.

Avnet Technology Solutions has transformed many times throughout its history to ensure we can remain at the vanguard of technology trends and to enable our partners to do the same.

Throughout our transformation journey we have placed great emphasis on three key aspects of our business: people, innovation and partnerships. As we evolve our strategies to concentrate on the trends that are defining our future, we also focus on how we can best empower the talents - our own and our partners' - to ensure we can bring the most innovative solutions to market.

Avnet launched our solutions specialist approach to market in July, 2016, which included the formation of our five specialist business units (SBUs):

  • Data Center Solutions
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Security and Enterprise Networking Solutions
  • Data Analytics, Cognitive Computing and IoT Solutions
  • Mobility Solutions

This September we added a sixth SBU, Education Services.

With this new approach we aligned our organisation across the globe to ensure the technologies we choose to focus on receive the dedication and support they need to thrive. Avnet's solutions specialist approach enables our channel partners to capitalize on next-generation technologies by developing solutions that are focused on these high growth areas. Education Services in particular enables partners to obtain the specialization and technical expertise they need to capitalise on growth opportunities across these emerging technologies.

Our programs are designed to help partners gain the skills and capabilities to sell more effectively and remain trusted advisors with their customers, which will ultimately transform their businesses. Having these skills enables partners to set themselves apart from the competition by creating compelling points of differentiation and empowering them to be leaders in their fields.

Taking Avnet's education vision to market

When I took on the role of leading Avnet's Asia Pacific Education Services business unit, I was excited at the opportunities that lay ahead. My key priority as we move forward is to ensure that our people truly understand and embrace our vision and strategies so we are able to deliver the best service to our customers and unbeatable offerings to the market.

Our goal is to be the education partner of choice for all the core suppliers that we carry. To do so we are building the most comprehensive range of training, education and enablement solutions that complement our portfolio of IT solutions and products, including technical, high-end courses delivered live and on-demand.

We are constantly engaging our supplier partners to ensure that we are driving the most innovative technologies to the market - first. We are focusing on bringing the best flexible training solutions to the channel community so as to ensure that there is focus on the key areas that have the most growth.

We are also delving deeper into our partners and suppliers requirements so as to ensure that we are providing them with the educational solutions that they need to solve their business challenges but at the same time, providing them with the opportunity to expand their channel ecosystems to include and attract new customers and technologies.

The right options for the right opportunities

We look forward to working hand-in-hand with our suppliers to build training, education and enablement solutions to suit the needs of our partners across the region. These programs are delivered at authorized training facilities, live online, or through Avnet courseware to meet the varying needs of our partners. Each solution is delivered by certified trainers with real-life, practical experience so participants are ready to hit the ground running straight after each class.

We also ensure that it is not just about the flavour of the month product for our courses. We take great care to build out a curriculum that reflects the best growth opportunities around these next-generation technologies and those that support them.

On top of training and accreditation, Avnet enables our partners to create a competitive advantage through specialization and strategic business planning. Our instructors and business development teams use their real-world experience and industry knowledge to provide a deeper understanding of the curriculum and to adapt this to the partners' business model and strategic direction.

Going beyond the classroom

With the launch of Avnet's Education Services in Asia Pacific our partners across the region can now address their training and education needs in their environment, their way. Partners can get more from their technology as they gain a greater understanding of the IT skills gaps in their workforce, and then work with Avnet to develop training plans to enhance these skills in the most efficient, cost effective way.

We are also introducing a number of programs to further save our partners time and money, including Avnet's Accredited Fast-Track model and Avnet Training Credits. We also offer our partners the option to resell Avnet's education courses to their partners, ensuring they can provide thought leadership and set themselves apart from their competitors.

At Avnet we believe we are only successful when our partners are successful. Through Education Services we'll be setting our partners up to collect new revenue at good margins and drive growth across the technologies areas of the future.

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