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TrueConf lauded as an Innovator in Intelligent Video Conferencing
Thu, 15th Feb 2024

TrueConf, a provider of corporate collaboration solutions, has been named an Innovator in the Aragon Research Globe for Intelligent Video Conferencing 2024. The categorisation in the Innovator section was based on TrueConf's completeness of strategy and performance. In their report, Aragon Research examined 17 significant providers and discussed a technology market that has become integral to hybrid work environments.

As part of TrueConf's commitment to advancing intelligent video conferencing, the company integrates AI technologies to enhance user experience and streamline video conferences substantially. These technologies help to alleviate the workload of IT specialists by automating several aspects of video conferencing. The company has widened its range of AI-based features, including smart noise suppression, background blurring, virtual backgrounds, and the integration of a smart assistant. The assistant is designed to identify user issues and provide troubleshooting hints automatically.

TrueConf has introduced three additional features to facilitate user-friendly communication among teams better. The first feature, smart meeting, utilises a VAD-based conference mode that automatically invites speakers to take or leave the podium as they begin or cease speaking. The second feature, auto framing, is built into TrueConf's solution for meeting rooms. It automatically adjusts users' images to provide a seamless visual composition, which is particularly useful when users are in different parts of the frame. The third feature enables face tracking during meetings, allowing speakers to move freely during presentations while remaining centred on the camera.

Dmitry Odintsov, CEO of TrueConf, highlighted their recognition by Aragon Research in the Intelligent Video Conferencing sector. Over the past year, they've introduced over 40 updates to their products, incorporating new AI features and advanced security measures to safeguard against external threats.

Dmitry Odintsov, CEO at TrueConf, said, "Our company is among those identified by Aragon Research in the Intelligent Video Conferencing sphere. During the past year, we introduced more than 40 product updates, including new AI-based features and a new technology to protect video conferencing platforms from external threats."

"We have also developed integration with other IT systems. We are grateful for this acknowledgement and continue to enhance our video conferencing solutions to empower companies to communicate more efficiently," said Odintsov. 

TrueConf has designed its self-hosted ecosystem, especially for constructing private communication networks offering 4K video conferencing, team messaging, and remote collaboration. The suite of software and hardware solutions caters to server infrastructure, meeting rooms, workplaces, and mobile devices, meeting the communication needs of businesses and government organisations with unparalleled quality, security, and flexibility.

The Aragon Research Globe is a tool for market evaluation, offering an assessment of individual market sectors and their component vendors. According to the company, being positioned as an innovator is a testament to TrueConf's capability to introduce and implement new ideas and technologies within the rapidly evolving video conferencing market.