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TradeWindow acquires Cyberfreight, plans to grow Australian business
Fri, 2nd Apr 2021
FYI, this story is more than a year old

TradeWindow has announced the acquisition of Sydney-based business Cyberfreight, and announced the intention of expanding the company's footprint in the Australian region.

Cyberfreight is a Sydney based freight logistics software business, which has been operating for more 20 years, with a roster of 250+ customers spanning New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, Pacific Islands, Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

Cyberfreight will be re-badged as TradeWindow Freight. However, it will retain the same 10-strong team and provide continuity of service to existing customers as a stand-alone company.

Its digital infrastructure will progressively integrate to TradeWindow's digital platform over the next 6-12 months.

The acquisition strengthens TradeWindow's footprint in Australia, a priority market for the company, by adding a Sydney-based component to the existing TradeWindow Melbourne and Brisbane offices, and will accelerate customer growth.

Currently, Cyberfreight's services cater to freight forwarders and customs brokers serving small and medium enterprises.

In New Zealand, approximately 97% of all businesses are SMEs, meaning that through TradeWindow Freight the company will be able to work with the growing number of SMEs that require freight logistics software solutions.

TradeWindow will continue to encourage Australian SMEs to embrace the benefits of using digital solutions for international logistics processes, and will continue to build on its capabilities across the Australian market to enable this to happen.

Around NZ$34 billion of global trade is currently facilitated through the company's digital solutions. Last year, as COVID-19 incentivised many companies to embrace digitisation, TradeWindow established sales offices in Victoria and Queensland.

The company has been helping the state and federal governments develop digital trade policies through its submissions to DFAT on the EU and UK free trade agreements.

CEO of TradeWindow, AJ Smith, says, “Today marks the beginning of an exciting new offering for both TradeWindow and existing Cyberfreight customers - it's an opportunity for us to further optimise the international logistics process.

"Cyberfreight has always been strong in serving the needs of freight-forwarders, which complements TradeWindow's own direct digital service offerings to larger exporters.

Smith says, “Our team has always been impressed with Cyberfreight's systems and their ability to provide visibility and control for each stage of the supply chain.

“With strong local leadership in Australia from the team coming across from Cyberfreight, TradeWindow will now be positioned to play a greater role in servicing the needs of a larger number of logistics industry participants.

"It's a step towards our ultimate goal of enabling easier access to end-to-end digital solutions for all businesses along the supply chain.

Smith continues, “We believe there is a great potential for Australia to step up alongside Asian countries as a leader in gaining the benefits of digital trade.

"The Australian Government and its agencies have been progressive in factoring pro-digital frameworks into trade agreements and regulations such as RCEP. Now the onus is shifting to Australian industry to pick up the opportunity and run with it.

Cyberfreight CEO, Doug Meuross, welcomes the transition of Cyberfreight to become TradeWindow Freight. Meuross says, “Our team has worked hard over the last two decades to build the business to where it is today, and teaming up with TradeWindow is the right step to take us on the next stage of the digital trade journey.

"We will deliver more value to both companies' customers which will include working together to develop the next generation of digital solutions.