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Sony & Fnatic co-develop INZONE Buds for an immersive gaming experience
Mon, 22nd Jan 2024

Sony has unveiled the INZONE Buds, the wireless noise cancelling gaming earbuds with an industry-leading 12 hour battery life, created in collaboration with internationally renowned esports team, Fnatic.

These new earbuds offer an immersive gaming experience for PC, mobile and console gaming, thanks to their personalised sound, battery life and low latency. INZONE Buds have been co-developed with Fnatic, the esports team which will celebrate its twentieth anniversary in 2024 and has secured successive international titles in the VALORANT Champions Tour this year.

The active noise cancellation and personalised spatial sound of Sony's INZONE Buds redefine the gaming audio experience. This technology ensures minimal background noise and precise directional cues for an immersive gaming experience second to none. The wireless earbuds offer collaborative design, providing a new kind of auditory experience.

In addition to their state-of-the-art audio performance, INZONE Buds also offer the industry's longest battery life, boasting up to 12 hours of continuous usage. This is powered by a low-consumption L1 processor which ensures extended gaming without interruption. The added quick charging feature provides up to an hour of playtime with just a five-minute charge, ensuring that gamers can experience immersive and uninterrupted gameplay for longer.

Comfort is also kept in mind with the design of the Sony INZONE Buds. The earbuds minimise ear contact, allowing for satisfactory extended play without discomfort. The lightweight and truly wireless buds are designed to maximise comfort, enabling an immersive environment for prolonged gaming sessions.

The INZONE Buds support a 2.4 GHz wireless connection through a USB Type-C dongle to ensure low latency gaming connectivity. They are also compatible with Bluetooth LE Audio connections using the LC3 codec, emphasising the focus on specialised gaming connectivity. This optimises energy-efficient wireless performance and enhances the overall gaming audio experience.

An innovative feature of the up-and-coming earbuds is the AI-assisted microphone. Implementing a state-of-the-art AI DNN algorithm crafted from over 500 million voice samples, it filters and amplifies the users voice, standing out prominently against background noise. This advanced technology heightens in-game communication, ensuring gamers are heard with exceptional clarity.

Designed in collaboration with professional gamers, namely the Fnatic Pro-Players, the Sony INZONE Buds provide gamers with a strategic advantage over rivals. Specifically, the low latency connectivity and real-time gaming experience ensure exceptional responsiveness. Every detail, from spatial sound precision to AI-assisted microphones, is carefully considered for optimal gaming performance.

The INZONE Buds also allow gamers to access useful controls with the tap of a finger. Customisable touch functions help manage in-game volumes, adjust music playbacks, and select personalised settings through the INZONE Hub, offering a responsive and tailored gaming interface for immersive gameplay.

For an even more personalised experience, gamers can utilise the INZONE Hub software, which allows users to fine-tune game sound frequencies, customise sound and hardware settings, and assign tap functions for convenient control. This software enhances the overall gaming experience offering a truly immersive and personalised gaming environment.

INZONE not only provides the ultimate gaming experience, it also contributes to environmental sustainability. The INZONE Buds packaging uses recycled materials, with parts of the headset body, the case and USB transceiver made from recycled plastic.