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Snom Technology unveils new product line tailored for hospitality industry
Sat, 14th Oct 2023

Snom Technology has announced a new product line designed specifically for the hotel and hospitality industry. The devices have been carefully moulded to meet the demands of this fast-paced industry that heavily relies on innovation, convenience, and aesthetic design to stay above the competition.

A globally recognised telecommunications hardware brand, Snom Technology has already been supplying high-end handsets to the premium hotel sector for years. Their devices are hailed as an immense asset to the industry. With many hotels still needing to feature a phone to retain their star status, not all desire the sophistication of business phones in guest rooms. Important features like cleanability, customisation, legibility of design and data protection come to the forefront for hospitality businesses.

Addressing these industry-specific needs, Snom Technology has introduced a new series of IP devices. These have been tailor-made for hotels, youth hostels, and other hospitality locations. They have combined convenience and technology to create room telephones that boast a wide range of operating options, right from standard IP/DECT over IP to Wi-Fi.

All models in this new series, including HD and HM, are equipped with speed dial keys for key functions like alarms, reception, reservation, emergency call, and more. They hold an antibacterial surface to combat germs, and display a sleek design that can suit any room aesthetics. Other state-of-the-art technological features include a speakerphone, mute and hold buttons, and impeccable sound quality. A three-year warranty is also offered on all new devices.

The HD100 and HD101 models seamlessly fit into any hospitality setting and exhibit a modern design. They come with a power supply option via PoE, eliminating the need for additional power points. Both devices can be custom labelled for easy identification. The HD101 offers a state-of-the-art DECT over IP device and a cordless handset for enhanced freedom of movement.

The HD350W and HD351W offer all the functionalities of the previous models like the option of functioning via PoE. The added feature is the integrated DECT base station in the HD351W model and the ability to support five other Snom HD3 handsets.

The HM201 and HM2 devices offer a complete solution with a DECT base station for up to four guest phones with the customisable hotel insignia via display. Their stunning colour displays make these devices a stylish addition to any room.

Jan Boguslawski, Technical Product Manager at Snom, stated that these innovative solutions set new benchmarks in the hotel and hospitality industry. "Our devices enable all types of hotels to offer their guests the best equipment in this area - all at a fair price point," he commented.

Addressing the hospitality industry's specific needs has never been done quite this well. With their specially designed line of products, Snom Technology is likely to make a significant impact on this sector.