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'Significant' vendor opportunity created by analytics-driven upheaval in IT
Tue, 28th Jun 2016
FYI, this story is more than a year old

More than half of analytics software customers believe analytics adoption has had a significant impact on operations and internal relationships, according to new research from TBR, which says represents a ‘significant' opportunity for vendors in the sector.

Technology Business Research Impact of Analytics on IT Operations report found 57% of analytics software customers in IT departments believe analytics adoption significantly or very significantly changed their internal operations and their relationships with lines of business (LOBs). Additionally, 28% of IT buyers reported a moderately significant impact.

The report analysed TBR survey data of 178 analytics software and professional services buyers who identified their department as IT.

The study examined the operational and organisational priorities most important to IT decision makers and how these elements are changing due to the influx of data, analytics and insights within the organisation, identifying opportunities for analytics software and professional services vendors to assist buyers with IT operations transformation.

“IT and LOB decision makers play important roles in analytics purchasing and implementation,” says TBR software Analyst Andrew Smith.

“However, the unique demands of IT require organisational and operational changes to ensure the success of customers' analytics implementation and for IT to effectively use and train others to use analytics solutions,” he explains.

According to the report, the top three IT operational pain points related to analytics adoption were:

  • Re-engineering of internal IT processes and workflows using data and insights
  • Training end users on how to utilize new analytics applications or practices
  • Determining which analytics tools, platforms or applications would best suit the organisation's needs, prior to purchase

At least 70% of respondents reported being at least moderately likely to use professional services to help execute operational transformation. According to Jennifer Hamel, TBR professional services senior analyst, this highlights the significant vendor opportunity created by analytics-driven upheaval in IT.

“Analytics adoption changed the way IT departments make decisions, organise themselves, and manage purchasing and implementation of solutions,” Hamel explains.

“As the waves of change crash over IT, vendors with professional services capabilities and trusted relationships with IT buyers will benefit in the near term,” she says.