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ShipStation boosts retailers with major platform upgrades
Tue, 2nd Apr 2024

ShipStation, a global retail shipping software vendor, is reaffirming its dedication to the Australian market by introducing a suite of enhancements tailored to meet the needs of local retailers. These features, including Checkout Rates, Shipping Strategies, Auto-Split, ODBC support, and Custom Labels, aim to revolutionise operational efficiency, particularly for organisations managing high delivery volumes.

The implementation of these enhancements promises to be a game-changer for Australian businesses, offering significant time savings and streamlined dispatch processes. Such advancements are pivotal in meeting the escalating demands of consumers in today's fiercely competitive eCommerce landscape, ensuring swift and dependable delivery experiences.

In addition to its commitment to the Australian market, ShipStation is dedicated to fostering product features across global regions, including the UK and North America. By providing a unified software solution, ShipStation empowers retailers to seamlessly navigate international markets while upholding consistency and robust functionality throughout their operations.

Exciting developments are on the horizon for ShipStation users worldwide, with two major product releases slated this year. 

Consumer behaviour underscores the importance of flexibility in fulfilment options, with a significant portion preferring various delivery and return methods. ShipStation is poised to address these preferences by offering rates at checkout and shipping strategies, empowering consumers to choose their preferred delivery method seamlessly.

Recognising the significance of providing multiple return options, ShipStation is dedicated to facilitating a seamless and flexible returns process for retailers and consumers alike. This commitment aligns with ShipStation's mission to empower retailers with cutting-edge shipping solutions tailored to the Australian market.

ShipStation's continued investment in Australia highlights its commitment to driving efficiency, reliability, and consistency across eCommerce operations worldwide. By introducing these enhancements, ShipStation aims to enhance the customer experience and facilitate business growth for retailers not only in Australia but also worldwide.