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RSM and MyCISO work to redefine the cybersecurity landscape

Accounting and advisory firm RSM Australia has formed a strategic alliance with Australian start-up, MyCISO, to provide its security platform to mid-market businesses across Australia through security consulting engagements. 

Adding MyCISO to RSM’s offering aims to redefine the cybersecurity landscape for the mid-market, disrupting traditional security management models and providing a new, data-driven solution for businesses striving for robust security.  

Recognising the increasing need for dedicated security and advisory services, RSM identified MyCISO as a way to transform traditional paper-based security assessments and audits using a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.

The partnership aligns with RSM’s strategy to deliver the most comprehensive and accessible services to its clients.  

Ashwin Pal, Director of Cyber Security & Privacy Risk Services, RSM Australia, says: “The traditional consulting model is not always accessible to growing, mid-market organisations due to resourcing and financial constraints.” 

“A cybersecurity audit and report is an intensive, costly exercise that provides leadership teams with recommendations; however, the onus is largely on them to implement the report’s actions to increase their security posture.” 

“MyCISO Assess has turned this audit and report into a SaaS solution, which is extremely accessible and produces a board-ready report, as well as insights and actionable steps to follow.”  

“This affordable and actionable service and report gives RSM’s consultants a dynamic, ongoing management tool that they can use to provide an expert, data-driven managed service offering for businesses to increase their security maturity levels over time,” says Pal. 

Dane Meah, Chief Executive Officer of MyCISO, says: “An alliance between MyCISO and RSM was the natural extension of both of our services to deliver greater value to the mid-market.” 

“Cybersecurity, cyber insurance, and supply chain risk conversations are taking place every day at a board level.” 

“The ability to identify cyber risks and align cyber uplifts to standards and frameworks such as ISO27001, NIST CSF (National Institute of Standards and Technology Cybersecurity Framework) and the ASCS Essential Eight is a key concern for leadership teams in Australia and the world over.” 

“The challenge is that, while mid-market organisations face increasing cyber threats, they do not necessarily have the in-house expertise to manage the evolving cyber threat landscape and increase their cyber maturity level,” says Meah.  

This partnership is part of a broader strategic move by MyCISO, choosing RSM as a strategic growth partner because of its deep understanding of the mid-market and its expanding cybersecurity consultancy practice. 

The Minister for Cyber Security, the Hon. Clare O’Neil MP, previously announced the development of the ​2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy.

This will aim to help the Australian Government achieve its vision of making Australia the most cyber-secure nation in the world by 2030. 

Dane Meah says: “Part of this strategy is building sovereign capabilities in cybersecurity, and it is important that companies, like RSM and MyCISO, continue to innovate to play a role in this.” 

“When MyCISO was launched, the goal was to empower growing businesses with a scalable solution, address the skills shortages often found within businesses and cyber consultancies alike, and contribute to Australia’s ambition to be a leading cybersecurity hub.” 

“By focusing on the mid-market, RSM and MyCISO are addressing a significant gap in the market and offering an innovative solution to a cybersecurity challenge that is growing in velocity and veracity.”

“The partnership promises exciting times ahead for businesses looking to bolster their cybersecurity practices in a world where digital threats are increasingly prevalent,” says Meah.

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