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Orca Tech onboards auto penetration testing company
Mon, 7th Oct 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Orca Tech has signed a distribution agreement with Pcysys, the Israeli headquartered Automated Penetration Testing company.

Sydney-based Orca Tech, a specialist distributor focused on cybersecurity and analytics, has received deep technical training by the Pcysys cyber-experts in order to recruit and support new reseller partners and drive sales opportunities and market share for the vendor.

PenTera by Pcysys, is the world's first fully Automated Penetration Testing platform.

Requiring no agents or pre-installations, the PenTera platform scans and ethically penetrates the network with the latest hacking techniques, prioritising remediation efforts with a threat-facing perspective.

With PenTera, a company can maintain continuous validation of their cybersecurity posture, keeping their guard up at all times and maintaining consistency across the organisation.

“The need for continuous validation and testing of the network cybersecurity posture is growing eminently in all organisations,” says Pcysys CMO Aviv Cohen.

“We're very excited to kick-off the revolution of Automated Penetration Testing in Australia with Orca Tech by our side.

Orca Tech general manager Craig Ashwood adds, “The addition of Automated Penetration Testing strengthens our cybersecurity portfolio in a time where continuous review and validation of an organisation's security posture has become most critical.

“We've sent our team overseas to master the PenTera technology and gain insight from the professionals who built it, in order to become a true extension of the Pcysys salesforce to support our partners. We have focused our recruitment activities on Security Value-Added Resellers, MSSPs and Security Consulting houses to date, with spiking interest and adoption across all sectors.

By applying the hacker's perspective, Pycsys software identifies, analyses and remediates cyber defence vulnerabilities.

Security officers and service providers around the world use Pcysys to perform continuous machine-based penetration tests and improve their immunity against cyber-attacks across their organisational networks.

Orca Tech a value-added distributor in the ANZ marketplace that is solely focused on cybersecurity and analytics.

It represents best of breed products in specific areas of security expertise and focuses heavily on partner enablement to ensure partners have the necessary access to sales, technical, and marketing tools to succeed in a highly competitive industry.