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Oracle & NVIDIA partnership to bolster digital sovereignty
Wed, 20th Mar 2024

An advanced partnership between Oracle and NVIDIA has recently been announced, promising to deliver expedited computing and artificial intelligence (AI) services. The collaboration's focus is the establishment and management of digital sovereignty, together with proprietary national and personal data.

The joint venture hopes to empower governments and businesses by building AI factories by combining Oracle's distributed cloud, AI infrastructure, and generative AI services with NVIDIA's expedited computing and generative AI software. AI factories run cloud services locally and within a country or organisation's secure premises, with a variety of operational controls, thus supporting sovereign goals of diversifying and stimulating economic growth.

Safra Catz, CEO of Oracle, emphasised the importance of enhancing digital sovereignty amid AI's impact on global business, industry, and policy. She highlighted Oracle's ongoing partnership with NVIDIA and its ability to swiftly deploy cloud regions locally. Catz stated: "As AI reshapes business, industry, and policy around the world, countries and organisations need to strengthen their digital sovereignty in order to protect their most valuable data."

"Our continued collaboration with NVIDIA and our unique ability to deploy cloud regions quickly and locally will ensure societies can take advantage of AI without compromising their security."

Jensen Huang, Founder and CEO of NVIDIA, echoed this sentiment, highlighting that "in an era where innovation will be driven by generative AI, data sovereignty is a cultural and economic imperative." Huang referred to Oracle's integrated cloud applications and infrastructure and NVIDIA's accelerated computing and AI services as fundamental in providing the flexibility and security required by nations and regions to control their own fate.

NVIDIA's all-inclusive AI platform, coordinated with Oracle's Enterprise AI, executable across Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Dedicated Region, Oracle Alloys, Oracle EU Sovereign Cloud, and Oracle Government Cloud, provides customers with a top-tier AI solution. This combo allows for increased control over operations, locations, and security to support digital sovereignty.

Oracle and NVIDIA's combined offerings can be enacted via the public cloud or within a customer's data centre at specific locations with flexible operational controls. Oracle is currently the only hyperscaler capable of delivering full AI and cloud services locally, regardless of location. Furthermore, the pricing and services of OCI remain consistent across deployment types to ease planning, portability, and management.

Expected to address the continually increasing demands of AI models, Oracle has plans to utilise the latest NVIDIA Grace Blackwell computing platform across OCI Supercluster and OCI Compute. This decision will provide substantial speed improvements with new OCI Compute bare metal instances, ultra-low-latency RDMA networking, and high-performance storage.

Oracle and NVIDIA's sovereign AI solutions are available for immediate use. Technological advancements have made it possible for organisations and countries to secure their digital sovereignty. This collaboration between Oracle and NVIDIA promises to provide flexible and secure solutions aimed at increasing productivity and economic growth while protecting the integrity of data.