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OpenText to unveil second-gen Fortify Audit Assistant at 2024 summit
Wed, 7th Feb 2024

OpenText Cybersecurity, a renowned cyber security solutions provider, is set to launch the second generation of its state-of-the-art cybersecurity auditing technology, Fortify Audit Assistant, at the upcoming OpenText Security Summit 2024. The next generation of this tool is a response to the current threat landscape, with revisions and updates specifically designed to meet the evolving requirements of cybersecurity.

Fortify Audit Assistant, a revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) tool, is aimed at integrating security precautions from the very outset of the software development lifecycle. This second-generation technology takes a proactive approach towards potential threats and adapts to cater to the unique data needs of individual businesses. The updated assistant features expansive model expertise, enabling it to offer over 30 language-specific models, thereby facilitating a more exhaustive insight into vulnerabilities in both on-premises and cloud-based environments. It allows for the inclusion of more data and context, ensuring faster and more effective audits by considering minor details such as the nuances of scan results.

The first generation of Fortify Audit Assistant, powered by predictive analytics and machine learning, allowed OpenText to convert 10 years of expertise into predictive models. These models have proven to be substantially more accurate than their predecessors, ensuring a marked increase in auditing efficacy by curtailing false positives by up to 90%. The latest version of the tool allows enterprises to avail of this wealth of information within their own software assurance programs- a service that remains unmatched within the industry.

Speaking about the first-generation tool, Prentiss Donohue, the Cybersecurity Executive Vice President revealed that the Auditing Assistant was "well ahead of its time with its use of predictive analytics and machine learning", which he characterises as leading-edge technology in the pursuit of enhanced auditing proficiency. He further confirmed that the data derived from human experts helped develop exceedingly precise predictive models, leading to an improvement in efficiency by reducing false positives drastically. “Enterprises can now leverage this depth of information—something no one else in the industry can provide—within their own software assurance programmes", added Donohue.

Key updates to the second generation Fortify Audit Assistant include: the ability to account for model drift, automated processes that measure and report the performance of models and refresh them as required; the capability to adapt to a company's unique environment; expansive model expertise based on language specification, with a distinct model for each programming language, thereby enhancing performance and depth in vulnerability detection in software systems; and the incorporation of additional data and context. This new data-focussed approach takes into consideration the finer details of scan results for an optimal auditing process, thereby signifiantly enhancing the speed and the effectiveness of audits.

OpenText Cybersecurity aims to demonstrate the capabilities of the revamped Fortify Audit Assistant during their virtual Security Summit scheduled for February 6, as they believe it has the potential to transform companies' security postures and resilience.