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Northeast Health Wangaratta makes it halfway through major digital upgrade
Fri, 16th Feb 2024

Northeast Health Wangaratta (NHW), a principal Victorian health service dedicated to providing quality healthcare for over 90,000 people in North East Victoria, is halfway through a significant upgrade to their digital care records in association with Orion Health. The upgrade forms part of NHW's continuous commitment to enhancing patient safety, clinical outcomes and satisfaction.

Since 2003, NHW has depended on Orion Health's DCR to streamline health operations, enhancing patient care. However, Orion Health alongside NHW recognised the need for a contemporary, future-proofed solution that syncs with their main objectives. The COVID-19 pandemic and natural disasters, which put vast strain on the local healthcare system, notably reinforced the decision to upgrade.

Cam Saunders, Chief Technology and Information Manager at NHW, expressed his department's positive sentiment towards these changes, stating, "We are pleased to collaborate with Orion Health to upgrade our digital care record. This modern solution will empower our clinicians with better tools to improve patient outcomes, provide seamless care, and enhance overall efficiency."

The upgrade comprises vast new functionality, embodying improved workflows, swift access to information, an improved user experience, and enhanced integration capabilities. The redesigned user interface will equip clinicians with personalisation options, enabling them to customise their view which, in turn, boosts productivity.

An analysis by Orion Health identified areas for improvement, including a substantial reliance on handwritten clinical notes and paper graph forms. The upgraded DCR will digitise these manual processes leading to improved data accuracy and efficiency.

Key features embodied by the upgraded DCR involve dashboards and configurable cards, providing an organised summary display of patient information. This feature will enable clinicians to access relevate data promptly, enhancing decision-making. The solution will also offer a refreshed user interface, aiding faster navigation. Furthermore, medication management will allow reconciliation of patient medications and prescribing upon discharge, ensuring a seamless transition home. Future plans also include the integration of eReferrals and progress notes, streamlining the patient care process further.

Niru Rajakumar, Orion Health Vice President APAC, voiced the company's pride in being chosen as NHW's technology partner. "This collaboration represents a shared commitment to innovation, digital transformation, and ultimately, improving patient outcomes."

The digital care record's upgrade is expected to be operational by mid-2024, with a roadmap of continuous enhancements planned for the future. The implementation of these upgrades will support NHW's mission to provide high-quality, safe healthcare services to the communities they serve.