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Melbourne analytics solution provider named IDC Innovator
Fri, 1st Feb 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

IDC published its latest report, ‘IDC Innovators: Asia/Pacific Next-Generation Advanced Analytics, 2018', which profiles three emerging vendors that were recognised for their unique advanced analytics offerings for enterprise customers, including Melbourne-based Yellowfin.

The two other companies named as IDC Innovators are Singapore's Niometrics and China's 4Paradigm.

IDC defines advanced analytics solutions as tools (including data mining and statistical software) that use a range of techniques to create, test, and execute statistical models by leveraging machine learning, regression, neural network, rule induction, and clustering techniques.

These companies identified as IDC Innovators have developed software, platform, and in some cases, services that are intuitive to use for enterprise customers to make predictions and discover relationships that are hidden or too complex to be extracted using traditional query and multidimensional analysis software.

"Realising the shortage of data-scientist talents with in-depth domain expertise, enterprises have turned to advanced analytics solutions in the hopes of overcoming their unique challenges across various dimensions," says IDC Asia/Pacific big data, analytics and cognitive/artificial intelligence practice associate market analyst Thomas Jing.

"These intelligent solutions with machine learning capabilities can simplify the implementation process as they constantly look for improvement within organisation workflows and accelerate the deployment of these solutions."

Yellowfin specialises in sending out predefined alerts to users in real time and avoid analysis fatigue with its automated end-to-end solution. It also offers products such as 'Signal' and 'Stories' that are intuitive to use and easy to understand and collaborate.

Niometrics leverages on its Deep Network Analytics (DNA), a high-performance network data technology that enables communication service providers (comm. SPs) to understand more about their customers' preferences and generate personalised insights for better customer experiences.

4Paradigm offers high-dimensional, self-learning analytics solutions for enterprise users. With its one-click feature, users of various technical backgrounds can create, train, and easily deploy advanced machine-learning models to solve their data challenges.