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Mantel Group achieves AWS Resilience Services Competency recognition
Wed, 6th Dec 2023

Mantel Group has achieved the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Resilience Services Competency through its AWS specialist practice, CMD Solutions. Achieving this specialisation certifies Mantel Group as an AWS Partner, providing validated services to improve their customers' availability and resilience posture of their critical systems using AWS Resilience Services.

The unique availability requirements of diverse customers and their critical workloads necessitate this specialisation. AWS Resilience Competency Partners provide customised guidance and solutions to meet the highest system uptime requirements. This service's paramount importance stems from the increasing need in the current dynamic business landscape.

Complex systems can encounter numerous issues throughout their lifespan, including code deployment problems, infrastructure issues, data and state failures, and even natural disasters. Consequently, organisations must anticipate and prepare for these system failures, designing their systems to both withstand and recover from these faults while minimising end-user impact. The necessity for increased resilience is particularly highlighted by remote teams, distributed systems, and frequent releases in the current business environment.

Mantel Group sets itself apart as an AWS Partner with the AWS Resilience Competency in the Resilience Design category. The company has shown technical proficiency and proven customer success in supporting customer resilience goals. It is well-prepared to deal with resilience related application challenges, especially crucial when customers increasingly expect round-the-clock availability. This anticipation and preparation for system failures is vital during the cloud onboarding of critical workloads, such as online banking, stock-trading, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERPs), or online sales platforms, where higher uptime has become a minimal requirement.

Mantel Group, as an AWS Resilience Competency Partner, offers professional consulting and engineering services validated by AWS experts in the Resilience Design category. This sophisticated approach allows customers to achieve their cloud resilience goals with the experienced assistance of AWS Resilience Competency Partners.

Andre Morgan, Cloud Partner at Mantel Group, emphasises the importance of this achievement, "We're proud to achieve the AWS Resilience Competency, underlining our expertise and the way we incorporate resiliency into how we design, build, and use AWS. It's a core part of our DNA - we've been applying resiliency to our standard architecture for many years now. The Resiliency Competency is particularly timely, given the numerous potential threats from cyber-attacks, data breaches, and system failures resulting from single-point sensitivities." Andre reiterated the firm's commitment to work alongside their clients, ensuring the design and development of resilient cloud solutions align with the business needs of the applications leveraging them.

Enabling scalable, flexible, and cost-effective solutions, AWS extends services from startups to global enterprises. The AWS Competency Programme supports these services' smooth integration and deployment by helping customers identify AWS Partners with profound industry experience and expertise. Mantel Group, with its latest AWS Resilience Competency achievement, continues to prove its dedication towards redefining client business operations, through a focus on digital, cloud, data, and cybersecurity solutions.