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Joust Marketplace unveils first phase of product-roadmap
Fri, 26th May 2023

Joust Marketplace, an online home loan marketplace, has unveiled its new feature, Joust Connect, one of several features to be released this year. 

Joust says that the new functionality is set to ignite the mortgage industry, catering to the demands of brokers seeking innovation and growth. 

Anny Le Wilson, Chief Revenue Officer of Joust, says: "Joust Connect is the long-awaited catalyst for growth brokers have been craving." 

With the introduction of Joust Connect, the Joust Marketplace now has an internal team dedicated to efficiently connecting brokers with consumers with genuine home loan needs and a strong desire to engage. The Joust Connect team's primary objective is to connect brokers with consumers in real-time. 

This innovative new feature is designed to scale the customer acquisition function for brokers and is poised to change how brokers connect with borrowers.

Le Wilson says Joust Connect is just the start of its ongoing expansion.

"Joust Connect is the first phase of our exciting product roadmap scheduled for roll-out this year," adds Le Wilson. 

"It empowers brokers to streamline operations, enhance efficiency, and accelerate achieving their business goals."

"We understand the challenges: the quality of leads and the struggle to promptly reach prospects." 

"Joust Connect resolves these issues by personally engaging consumers via phone, ensuring that every prospect has a genuine home loan need and is ready to discuss their needs with a broker," continues Le Wilson. 

The Joust Connect service is integrated within the Joust Marketplace platform, designed to deliver the market's highest intent consumers to brokers based on geographical preference.

As a result, brokers receive a flow of engaged prospects, genuinely interested in their services, with connections only established when the consumer consents. 

In cases where brokers are unavailable, the Joust Connect team books an appointment leveraging calendar access to ensure no opportunity is missed. 

Joust says that the unique advantage of its service lies in its real-time warm transfers, delivering more impactful conversations with prospects. 

The Joust Marketplace platform handles the acquisition process, with brokers now adopting a cost-per-connection mode, meaning only paying when connected over the phone or by appointment.

This new approach is designed to ensure cost-effectiveness, maximise upfront revenue opportunities, and nurture the growth of their trail books.

Joust Connect is the first release of a range of new product releases for the Joust Marketplace, taking place later this year. 

Le Wilson says: "We're actively developing a new user journey to drive volume for brokers, creating greater automation for the platform and creating a new broker hub within the Joust platform." 

"These additions will further empower and educate brokers who choose Joust."

"Joust Connect is purpose-built for brokers. It is a mission-critical solution for the industry, equipping brokers with an abundance of high-intent consumers and an unrivalled return on investment," says Le Wilson.