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Jamf announces powerful new product line

Wed, 20th Nov 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Jamf has announced updates across its product line at the 2019 Jamf Nation User Conference.

With its expanded product set, Jamf seamlessly connects Apple users to their enterprise resources, manages the entire Apple ecosystem and protects Apple endpoints from threats.

Apple's fall release brought updates that champion both the privacy of end-users and the security of an organisation.

Jamf has deployed new functionality across its suite of products that takes advantage of these major advances for businesses.

Jamf Pro – enhancements that will better empower IT admins and end-users, including a new enrollment experience, improved Accessibility options and single sign-on support in tandem with Jamf Connect.

Jamf Protect – an endpoint protection solution purpose-built for Mac. It gives enterprise security teams unprecedented visibility into their Mac fleet and the ability to proactively block, isolate or remediate threats (available in the US only at this time)

Jamf Connect – For mobile, extending end users' ability to leverage a single corporate identity, on any Apple device, to gain immediate access to the resources they need to be productive.

In addition to macOS, and now iOS and iPadOS, it includes the ability to use an iPhone to provide passwordless access to a user's Mac, enterprise cloud resources, and even a Windows computer. Using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and Jamf Connect, an iPhone is able to replicate both a smart card and a FIDO Security Key to allow for secure passwordless authentication through most modern authentication systems.

Jamf Now – Jamf's solution for small and medium businesses continues to focus on providing customers with a streamlined yet powerful way to deploy, manage and secure their Apple devices. This summer, the Jamf Now Plus plan recently added support for Custom Profiles, unlocking new configuration workflows.

Jamf School – An Apple education technology solution purpose-built for educators. Jamf recently announced new teacher-facing features in Jamf School, such as the ability to create an ad-hoc classroom, filter content for maximum focus and create lesson plans with added resources. Jamf School also offers three powerful apps – Jamf Teacher, Jamf Student and Jamf Parent – aimed to create an active and focused learning environment at both school and home.

Jamf Pro in Schools – A newly released app request feature is a workflow that provides teachers with a streamlined way to find and request new iOS apps for their classrooms. Teachers will be able to request an app right from Jamf Self Service, and IT will be immediately notified of the request, empowering teachers to get the apps they need faster.

Recently, Jamf announced the Parent app is now available for Jamf Pro customers, and Jamf Teacher will be available in the near future.

Jamf Connect – For mobile, schools will have the ability to more easily provision a large number of iPads. For example, prior to the first day of class, each student simply can enter their identity credentials, which will unlock a personalised device, with pre-provisioned apps to eliminate a heavy burden on the school's network infrastructure and reduce a student's wait time to start learning.

“This week, at our 10th annual JNUC, we celebrate the 100,000 members of Jamf Nation,” says Jamf CEO Dean Hager.

“We are proud to announce what we've been working across our products to empower people with Apple technology so that they can be their absolute best in their work or in their studies. We choose to solve problems that haven't been adequately addressed when it comes to deploying Apple technology in businesses, governments, hospitals and schools – building on the Apple consumer experience with enterprise-focused capabilities to deliver the best Apple enterprise experience.

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