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HERE Technologies expands what3words partnership to boost delivery efficiency
Mon, 29th Jan 2024

HERE Technologies is announcing a significant expansion of its partnership with what3words, benefiting thousands of businesses across retail, mobility, e-commerce and automotive sectors. The expanded partnership will allow businesses to easily activate their what3words license via their HERE accounts. This integration aims to improve delivery efficiencies by alleviating common issues associated with inaccurate street addresses and the confusion it can cause for delivery drivers.

What3words has developed a unique proposition; revolutionising world communication around location by assigning every 3m square globally, a unique combination of three random words - a what3words' address. Providing extremely precise locations aims to drastically improve delivery experiences, particularly in large areas such as warehouses, parks, and business parks. Customers can now easily request this feature via their HERE account managers in the retail and logistics sectors.

Interestingly, the partnership between HERE and what3words was initially created in 2020 to provide the next generation of precision in-car navigation for automotive customers. Hundreds of thousands of usages of the location tech have been made since that time, in vehicles on the road today. The expansion of the partnership and availability of what3words via the HERE platform is in response to increasing consumer demand for this innovative tech.

Remco Timmer, Vice President of Product & Technology at HERE Technologies, comments, "As the world's leading location platform, we're committed to providing our customers with best-in-class products and services. What3words' innovative technology creates another layer of precision in the way the world communicates location, and we see so much potential in making what3words readily available for thousands of our customers around the world."

Industry use of location-specific technology is increasing, with the HERE location platform being recognised as one of the most complete in the industry. Organisations and enterprises across the globe, including nearly every global automaker and leaders in e-commerce, transportation, and logistics, use the HERE platform. It appears the integration of what3words into the platform is a strategic move to meet the needs of clients wishing to harness the tool within their own systems.

Notably, Clare Jones, Chief Commercial Officer at what3words, mentions, "Our partnership with HERE has proven to be a major accelerant to our growth in the automotive industry. Integrations that would have taken years of development can now be done in months, and innovative updates can even be delivered over-the-air. The speed and ease offered by this partnership will enable what3words to leapfrog slow legacy processes that have held back innovation in other industries, and we're incredibly excited by the opportunities this partnership presents."

With consumer demand for what3words location tech continuing to grow across the globe, the opportunity to easily access this tool could be a gamechanger for many businesses looking to improve efficiencies, increase customer satisfaction, and stay ahead in their respective industries.