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Hands-on review: HP Poly Voyager Free 60+ earbuds
Tue, 8th Aug 2023

The HP Poly Voyager Free 60+ earbuds mark a significant entry in the market of true wireless earbuds, especially with their appeal to both corporate users and everyday consumers. Here's a detailed review that sums up all their features, pros, cons, and alternatives.

Design and Hardware

The Voyager Free 60 series is unique, notably in its touchscreen case. While this case adds convenience with its on-the-go controls, it's also comically large, and care must be taken to avoid accidental openings that might lead to the buds falling out. The buds themselves are utilitarian in design, equipped with ANC microphones and touch-sensitive controls for a more interactive user experience.

Audio Quality and ANC

Despite targeting executives and IT personnel, the Voyager Free 60+ earbuds shine in the audio department. With balanced bass, crisp mids, and sharp highs, they offer an excellent soundstage that competes with the best in the market. Their ANC performance is unparalleled, while the only downside here is the lack of a proper equalizer.

Features and App

The feature list for these earbuds is quite impressive. From unique options like a touchscreen case and "airplane mode" to common but valuable features like multipoint connectivity and ANC modes, they offer more than most rivals. The companion apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS allow users to control many settings, although some essential features like full EQ control are missing.

Battery and Charging

Poly's earbuds offer decent battery life, with around 7 hours of listening time and 5 hours of talk time with ANC on. Charging is convenient through USB-C or wireless Qi charging, with fast charging support for quick top-ups.

Price and Competition

With options for both a base model right up to a top-tier model with a touchscreen case, these earbuds are certainly on the expensive side. The Voyager Free 60 series faces competition from products like Jabra Evolve2 Buds, Logitech Zone True Wireless earbuds, and Bang & Olufsen's Beocom EX earbuds, each having its unique features and price points.


  • Packed with useful features
  • Excellent audio quality
  • Top-notch ANC performance
  • Unique touchscreen case
  • Comfortable fit


  • High price tag
  • Bulky touchscreen case
  • Lack of full EQ control
  • Few missing customizations


The Poly Voyager Free 60+ series is a robust and feature-rich option for those seeking quality true wireless earbuds. While the price might be steep for some, the benefits offered make it a worthwhile investment, particularly for enterprise users who need top-quality audio and a plethora of features. They still stand out in a crowded market, especially for those seeking certified solutions for platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Whether for corporate use or personal enjoyment, these earbuds prove that they can cater to a broad spectrum of needs. The thoughtful addition of the touchscreen case, though bulky, provides a glimpse into a future where such innovation might become standard in upmarket earbuds.

HP's Poly Voyager Free 60+ earbuds should be considered by anyone in search of high-quality, versatile earbuds with a taste for innovation, provided they can stomach the price or have an employer willing to foot the bill.