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Goodbye paper: Multiple India government offices go paperless

eMudhra today announced that it has worked with more than 15 State Government offices to help them go completely digital.

As part of the e-Governance initiatives, the various state offices have been made paperless using eMudhras eSign and Digital Signatures. This means eOffice applications, issuance of various certificates such as Life, Marriage Encubrance Certificates and the like can now be done with faceless, paperless transactions.

eMudhra has now enabled AADHAAR eSign and Digital signature-based signing to various government officers in several districts of these states. This has facilitated paperless employee logins, leave requests, memos and official document signing

There are a huge number of benefits to the new initiative, including the document cannot be tampered with, reduced process delays, and the elimination of the need to print paper, scan and fax. What's more, approvals can now be obtained remotely, resulting in faster turnaround times in decision-making.

Founder chairman of eMudhra, V.Srinivasan says technology has transformed all sectors in the economy, and they understand the importance it plays in increasing their own productivity.

“We are committed towards making India a technologically advanced country and these efforts start with getting our operations to reflect the government's mandate,” says V.Srinivasan.

“The digitization of all administration is a step towards an efficient and transparent governance. eMudhra's digital signature solution uplifts the e-Office plan and has managed to eradicate voluminous paper flow, bring in accountability in government offices and most importantly, reduce the carbon footprint in various states.

According to V.Srinivasan, government offices that follow a paper-based administration for all their internal processes inevitably hit a bottleneck – eMudhras solutions can effectively remove this bottleneck by digitally transforming these operations.

“We are greatly honoured to collaborate with the various states and being part of their vision of creating a Digital India,” V.Srinivasan says.

“eMudhra has always been striving hard to provide smooth transitions for all enterprises in going digital. We have customised the product to reflect simplicity and ease in understanding for a broader workflow. It has also eliminated the bottlenecks that were hindering the achievement of faster decision making to help citizens of the state.

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