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Genea Fertility & GoCardless offer new IVF payment methods
Thu, 4th Apr 2024

Changing the way Australians access fertility treatments, global fertility treatment company, Genea Fertility, has joined forces with bank payment company, GoCardless. This alliance is set to provide new payment options, making vital fertility treatments – such as In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and egg freezing – more accessible to ordinary Australians.

Such fertility treatments were traditionally available solely to those capable of making sizeable upfront financial investments, often adding financial stress to the emotionally charged issues of health, family planning, and future. This innovative financial approach aims to lessen this stress, contributing a pivotal step forward in making prospective parenthood a reality for Australians dealing with the cost of living.

Genea Fertility will introduce a new payment method, powered by GoCardless, allowing patients the option of paying for fertility treatments or egg freezing through periodic installments, somewhat similar to subscription models. This alternative to large lump-sum payments aims to cater to many families more suitably, particularly given the prevailing economic circumstances.

Scott Portnoy, Chief Operating Officer at Genea Fertility, explains the benefits of this approach. "It's important for us to provide our customers and patients with exceptional care in every aspect of their journey. Fertility treatment can be an emotional and delicate process, so we want to ensure that the payment process is as streamlined as possible," Portnoy said. "With GoCardless, our customers can set up their payments and then solely focus on their treatment."

Moreover, this partnership simplifies the payment process by facilitating one-time onboarding with just a few clicks. This can significantly reduce the financial stress associated with such treatments, affording prospective parents one less hardship to worry about.

Furthermore, the Genea team can mitigate payment problems, such as missed or late payments, immediately, forestalling the need for staff to spend valuable time resolving these issues. "We also gain oversight over any hiccups along the way, so we can act to resolve these issues immediately instead of burdening our team with chasing payments," added Portnoy.

Luke Fossett, ANZ General Manager at GoCardless, adds that this provides the team more time to focus on offering world-class care. "We don’t always think about how payments impact emotions but in reality, it's a critical factor in the customer experience – this is especially true with businesses like Genea Fertility, where trust, sensitivity and support are paramount," Fossett said. "By automating its payments, the Genea team will reclaim valuable time and energy."

This new approach, while seemingly simple, signifies major strides for many Australians confronted with the difficult decision of starting a family or meeting household expenses, the company states. By utilising technology to streamline the payment process, the partnership between Genea Fertility and GoCardless truly plays a crucial role in making fertility treatments more accessible.