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FreightExchange launches CO2 emissions tool for green logistics
Thu, 28th Mar 2024

FreightExchange, a leading global logistics and supply chain solutions provider, has introduced a novel CO2 emissions reporting tool within its platform. This instrument is aimed at equipping customers with an up-to-date understanding of environmental outcomes and carbon emissions related to their freight operations.

The cloud-based, API-enabled platform offered by FreightExchange merges logistics automation with freight transport aggregation software. This combination enables clients to accurately align their freight needs with appropriate solutions, significantly lowering both costs and environmental footprint. Offering end-to-end service, the firm handles everything from large-scale freight to parcels.

The new CO2 reporting tool can be accessed through a personalised dashboard, allowing customers to monitor and assess the CO2 emissions produced by their freight operations in real-time, considering all modes of transport. Data is displayed through distinctive metrics designed to provide clear and actionable insights, fostering informed decision-making processes.

With sustainability considerations becoming increasingly significant in shaping consumer choices, FreightExchange founder and CEO Cate Hull highlighted the rising importance of emissions transparency to their customers. "Freight transportation accounts for 12% of global CO2 emissions, and many of our customers stress the need to quantify and lessen the carbon footprint of their freight operations. With our groundbreaking technology, we provide them with the tools to improve efficiency and precision by automating the uptake, organisation, and reporting processes," Hull explained.

She added, "At FreightExchange, our commitment to customer-centric innovation remains unwavering. The addition of CO2 reporting capabilities to our platform demonstrates our dedication to fulfilling the changing needs of our customers and advancing environmental sustainability initiatives."

The release of the CO2 reporting tool signifies a crucial step in FreightExchange's mission to equip customers with actionable insights and encourage sustainable business practices. This move aligns with the company's recent enhancements to their platform to further bolster quoting speed and accuracy.

"Our innovative CO2 Reporting tool stands as a testament to our commitment to providing not just logistics solutions, but also a sustainable impact. By enhancing speed and accuracy, we continue to reinforce our pledge to equip businesses with the necessary tools for a greener, more efficient future," Hull expressed. The launch of the tool is a signal of the company's ongoing commitment to sustainability and marks a significant milestone in their drive to empower customers.