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Fortinet teams up with Torrens University for cybersecurity scholarship
Thu, 14th Dec 2023

Fortinet, the global cybersecurity expert, is partnering with the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia and Torrens University to help fill the industry's skills gap.

The partners are offering the Cyber Defender Scholarship, which entails a 75% reduction in tuition fees for small and medium-sized business owners and employees. Successful applicants will be able to complete the Graduate Certificate of Cybersecurity at Torrens University.

Throughout the course, students will gain crucial cybersecurity skills. The syllabus is designed to mirror the Fortinet Network Security Expert (NSE) Certification program. Graduates will have completed two levels of the Fortinet NSE Certification program, namely the Fortinet Certified Fundamentals and Fortinet Certified Associate.

The Cyber Defender Scholarship's primary objective is to help companies strengthen their employees' ability to prevent potential data breaches and protect digital assets amid rising cybersecurity threats. The course provides vital training in cyber resilience, ensuring that businesses can demonstrate their cyber maturity and readiness as per supply chain requirements.

Torrens University's CEO and President, Linda Brown, emphasised the importance of such programs: "The Graduate Certificate of Cybersecurity program combines expertise and insights from Fortinet with strong academic foundations, which is critical to adequately prepare students for the adversaries faced."

"While threats will continue to evolve, Torrens University, the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia, and Fortinet are working together to ensure graduates are equipped with the latest skills."

Recent research by KPMG Australia and the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia indicates a significant potential for economic growth. They suggest that by enhancing exports of emerging technology to the US, Australia could create 80,000 skilled jobs and attract AUD $24 billion in capital investment by the end of the decade.

April Palmerlee, CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce, discussed the significance of increasing the scale and capacity of cybersecurity professionals: "Enhancing the number and capability of those working in cybersecurity is especially important to Australia's economic prosperity as digital technologies and services are entwined with the growth of trade and supply chain interdependencies."

Nicole Quinn, Head of Government Affairs, APAC, at Fortinet, highlighted Australia's shared awareness among government and businesses regarding the critical importance of cybersecurity. She emphasised the potential for significant reputational and financial harm when organisations lack adequate security measures.

Nicole Quinn added, "In Australia, both government and businesses understand the importance of cybersecurity and the reputational and financial damage that can be caused if organisations don't have appropriate measures in place. However, too often employers overlook their employees who can be the best line of defence against attacks."

"They may also provide subpar, cumbersome cybersecurity training simply to meet compliance requirements. But now is the time to better equip existing employees and implement more reskilling and upskilling opportunities through collaboration."