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Edge cloud platform provider Fastly expands in Australia

Fastly, a provider of an edge cloud platform, has announced its global expansion in Australia.

The move comes with Fastly points-of-presence (POPs) on both coasts of the country, furthering the company's mission to power faster, more secure, and more reliable digital experiences for its global customer base.

In tandem, Fastly has recruited a growing in-region team, which includes Mark Nottingham, the co-chair of working groups HTTP and QUIC within the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), and Andrew McGregor, 20+-year industry veteran leading performance measurement in Fastly's Australian market.

Fastly's edge cloud platform maximises efficiency with 64 powerful, strategically located POPs (as of June 30, 2019) that deliver content as close to end-users around the world as possible.

Having placed four of these POPs covering both coasts of Australia, Fastly helps Asia-Pacific (APAC)-based customers such as Seven West Media,, Network 10, and NRL deliver fast and highly personalised online experiences to their users.

“At Fastly, we're building a better internet on a global scale. That means faster, more reliable digital content no matter where you're located,” says Fastly president Joshua Bixby.

“With our expanded Australia team, we're doubling down on our commitment to helping digital businesses keep pace with high consumer expectations and a competitive marketplace, worldwide.

This development will enable more connectivity for companies looking to make a bigger digital impact in Australia and will benefit existing global customers looking to serve content more effectively to the APAC region.

“As Fastly's foundation partner here in Australia, it's really exciting to see the team set up shop locally,” says Network 10 digital general manager Liz Baldwin.

“They've made the publishing process easier for news publishers like 10 Daily which specialises in delivering breaking, up to date news. Fastly allows us to identify publishing trends and problems quickly, speeding up the publishing process and delivering a smoother and more seamless user experience.

To help guide Fastly's efforts in Australia, Fastly has hired co-chair of the HTTP and QUIC working groups at the IETF Mark Nottingham as principal engineer.

Having chaired the HTTP Working Group since 2007 and the QUIC Working Group since 2016, Nottingham is a veteran in internet architecture and operations who has been involved in the Australian Internet since working at in the mid-90's.

Andrew McGregor also joins the helm of the Australia team as Performance Measurement Lead.

McGregor helped build Google's SRE, previously chaired IETF's CORE working group, and has been administering networks since before the web was invented.

“The 7plus team welcomes more innovation in the Australian CDN market and has been impressed with trials of the Fastly platform for Image Optimisation and media delivery,” says Seven West Media digital product and technology director Darren Kerry.

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