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EcoFlow powers up the savings for its Easter Holiday sale
Fri, 8th Mar 2024

EcoFlow, the provider of portable power solutions and eco-friendly energy systems, has announced an unparalleled sales event in anticipation of the Easter holiday, offering significant discounts across its extensive range of portable power stations, solar panels, and innovative smart devices. This promotional event, running from March 8th to April 1st, provides a timely opportunity for consumers to access state-of-the-art technology at reduced prices, whether for personal use, gifting, or ensuring preparedness for unpredictable weather conditions.

The company's commitment to enhancing outdoor experiences and emergency readiness is evident in the discounts offered on its flagship products. Among the highlights, the RIVER 2 Pro portable power station, originally priced at $1,099, will now be available for $899. This device, notable for its rapid 70-minute full charge capability, 768Wh capacity, and 800W output, is designed to support a variety of outdoor activities, from boondocking excursions to beach barbecues. Moreover, customers can bundle the RIVER 2 Pro with a 160W Portable Solar Panel for a combined price of $1,599, leveraging solar energy for an eco-friendly power solution.

For those seeking a blend of portability and high-capacity energy storage, the DELTA 2 power station offers up to $300 off its regular price. With its fast-charging feature and 1kWh energy storage, the DELTA 2 is an ideal companion for road trips and RV adventures, providing reliable power on the go.

In response to the need for robust backup power solutions, EcoFlow presents the DELTA Max 2000 at a discounted price of $2,399, a $300 reduction from its original price. The DELTA Max 2000, with a 2016Wh capacity expandable to 6kWh and a 3400W AC output, is capable of powering 99% of home devices, ensuring essential appliances remain operational during power outages. An enhanced setup, including a 110W Portable Solar Panel, is also available for $2,699, offering an efficient way to harness solar energy.

Additionally, the RIVER Pro, now bundled with an EcoFlow Anderson to Cigarette cable for enhanced reliability, is available for $799 after a $400 discount. This deal caters to a wide range of power needs, making it a versatile option for RV or 4WD trips.

EcoFlow's Smart Devices also feature prominently in this sales event. The WAVE portable air conditioner, now at a 50% discount, is priced at $1,199. It boasts a 4000 BTU cooling capacity, ensuring fast and efficient cooling suitable for tents, RVs, or small off-grid rooms. When bundled with a WAVE Add-on Battery, customers can save up to $2,099, enjoying a 51% discount.

The GLACIER, heralded as the world's first 3-in-1 portable fridge, freezer, and ice maker, is offered with a 13% discount, bringing its price down to $1,299. For extended off-grid cooling needs, a bundle including a plug-in battery is available for $1,699.

These promotions will all be available through EcoFlow’s official website, eBay, and Amazon.