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Dreame Technology debuts Roboticmower A1 in Australia
Thu, 28th Mar 2024

Home appliance manufacturer Dreame Technology has announced the launch of its all-in-one robotic lawn mower, the Roboticmower A1. Making its world-first debut in the Australian market, this launch reflects the company's growth from indoor to outdoor maintenance.

The Roboticmower A1 is poised to start a new era of hands-free lawn maintenance, said to save homeowners up to 200 hours annually in yard upkeep. Amongst its revolutionary technologies is the patented high-precision 3D sensor technology, OmniSense 3D Ultra Sensing System and U-Shape Planning Program, which have been touted for reducing landscaping costs over time and freeing homeowners to pursue more leisurely activities..

The OmniSense system in the Dreame Robotic mower A1 can effectively manoeuvre around obstructions like houses and trees without compromising signal stability, even in challenging environments such as darkness or bright light. Thanks to its centimetre-level positioning, which prevents repeated mowing or overlooked areas, it assures users of its reliability in maintaining their lawns consistently.

The Roboticmower A1 uses U-shaped planning technology and the OmniSense 3D Ultra Sensing System to accurately map and mow lawns in customised, uniform, and user-specified patterns. This means inconsistencies in the length of your lawn’s grass could very well be a thing of the past; homeowners can have lawns uniformly cut according to their preferences.

Further enhancing its user-friendly operation, the A1 identifies and avoids over 11 different common lawn obstacles due to its advanced intelligent algorithm and OmniSense 360-degree sensing range. Besides saving homeowners the potential hassle and cost of mending broken lawn furniture and damaged mowers, it ensures a greater return on investment throughout the lifespan of the robot mower.

Beyond cutting grass, the Roboticmower A1 also prioritises safety, especially in households with young children and pets. Its point cloud data environmental information collection technology and intelligent obstacle-avoidance algorithm assure safe operation around children and animals.

The Dreame Roboticmower A1 boasts advanced rain-sensing technology. When it detects rain, it automatically returns to its charging station and resumes mowing as soon as the weather clears. The A1's initial installation is claimed to be up to 90% faster than other mowers. Furthermore, it’s powered by a speedy 2200 RPM blade rotation that can manage 1,000 square metres (0.25 acres) in a day.

The Roboticmower A1 is available for pre-order now and will be available for purchase from April 2024. The pre-order launch price is set at $3,499 AUD with a three-year warranty.