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Directed Technologies & AWS partnership drives 92% less violations
Fri, 13th Oct 2023

A partnership between Directed Technologies and Amazon Web Services (AWS) has reportedly resulted in a marked reduction in driver violations and carbon emissions. The strategic association has produced benefits such as a 92% decline in driver violations, a 25% reduction in fuel consumption, and significantly reduced CO2 emissions.

The partnership, established in early 2022, enabled Directed Technologies to transition from a self-hosted database to AWS's SingleStoreDB to keep pace with its expanding range of clients. This move has allowed the company to swiftly deliver business value to its customers while gaining a sustainable competitive advantage and achieving key performance indicators in safety, efficiency, and environmental sectors.

Directed Technologies, an innovator of telematics platform, has seen an increase in its customer base to more than 2,300 fleets, prompting a need to scale telematics globally, reach new markets, and deploy less resource-intensive data retrieval. And here SingleStoreDB comes into the picture. It is a unique form of database capable of handling both operational tasks and analysis tasks, hence optimising applications that require swift processing and analysis of large data volumes.

Switching to SingleStoreDB has enabled Directed Technologies to expand its platform and provide customers with crucial information, such as the performance of their vehicles over time and signals when maintenance may be required. Directed Technologies' Executive Director, Brett Stafford, proclaimed that customers craved a more in-depth real-time understanding of their fleets, including metrics around efficiency, productivity, and safety. He explained, "SingleStoreDB on AWS helps us provide very rich data insights to fleet managers and manufacturers quickly and at scale."

Stafford added, "These services power our fleet monitoring systems that see an average 92% reduction in driver violations in the first six months. This eliminates incidents of harsh breaking and acceleration which comes at a huge maintenance and fuel cost, speeding, and other breaches which could otherwise cost lives." He further pointed out that customers could also see up to a 25% reduction in fuel consumption, indicating substantial efficiency gains in an industry operating on thin margins.

Directed Technologies, a digital innovation partner of choice and a curator of connected technology solutions at scale, saves lives, reduces emissions, and enhances productivity. Originating from Melbourne, Australia, the company's global team designs, manufactures, and manages tailored end-to-end solutions for automotive, transport and logistics and many more sectors undergoing digital transformation. With its innovative automotive solutions found in more than 2,500 vehicle fleets globally, Directed Technologies has experienced rapid growth, increasing its revenue by 45% year-on-year in FY22.