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DigiCert’s certificate management platform is now on multiple CAs
Wed, 13th Sep 2023

DigiCert has announced the expansion of its certificate management platform, DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager, to provide full lifecycle support for multiple CAs, including Microsoft CA and AWS Private CA, and integration with ServiceNow to support existing IT service workflows.

Trust Lifecycle Manager supports enrolment to a broad range of Microsoft and AWS technologies, providing organisations with a unified approach to managing public and private trust for use cases such as biometric authentication, device authentication, WiFi/VPN provisioning, cloud workloads and infrastructure management. 

“DigiCert customers place high priority on ensuring continuity of security across diverse IT infrastructure, as data and processes cut across clouds and environments,” says Deepika Chauhan, the chief product officer at DigiCert. “Trust Lifecycle Manager provides organisations a centralised way to secure users, servers and devices across all these environments.” 

"As the digital landscape in the Asia Pacific evolves, ensuring security for diverse IT environments is paramount. DigiCert's Trust Lifecycle Manager expansion empowers enterprises in our region to seamlessly manage their public and private trust across complex infrastructures," adds Armando Decal, group vice president for APJ at DigiCert.

DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager is a digital trust solution for CA-agnostic certificate management and PKI services. Trust Lifecycle Manager centralises visibility and control over an organisation's certificate landscape, reduces the risk of business disruption from certificate expiration or human error, streamlines operations with automation and configurable workflows, and increases agility for fast remediation or adaptation to changes in cybersecurity standards.

Trust Lifecycle Manager tightly couples CA-agnostic certificate management and PKI services with DigiCert’s “best-in-class” public trust, providing customers with a seamless digital trust architecture that ensures business continuity and fast issue resolution. DigiCert’s flexible, scalable deployment options (cloud, on-premises, or hybrid) map to customers’ implementation needs. 

DigiCert Trust Lifecycle Manager provides comprehensive oversight of a broad range of certificate and PKI needs within the organisation, including TLS/SSL, user and endpoint authentication, server authentication, secure email, intermediate certificate authorities (ICAs), and on-premises deployments for data privacy and protection.

With additional support for Microsoft CA and AWS Private CA, Trust Lifecycle Manager enables discovery, issuance, automation and revocation, including the ability to tag, filter and apply policy to imported and discovered third-party digital certificates. 

Certificates can be enrolled to a broad set of technologies through ACME, SCEP, EST and other enrolment methods. DigiCert’s native integration reduces the effort and expertise needed to extend the value of internal CAs, with embedded, pre-built capability that accelerates time to value and eliminates human error.  

Additional Microsoft technologies supported with native integration include Active Directory for auto-enrolment of certificates and zero-touch provisioning using DigiCert Autoenrollment Server.
Then there is Windows Hello for Business, for support for certificate-mediated biometric authentication; Microsoft Intune, for management of certificates provisioned to end-entity devices; and Azure Cloud Services, for deployment of DigiCert ONE solutions on Azure cloud infrastructure.
Additional AWS technologies supported with native integration include Amazon Elastic Load Balancer, for governing certificate-mediated authentication to multiple targets, and Amazon Cloudfront, for securing CDN-networked domains.