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Dicker Data gets first Aussie shipment of FujiFilm LTO-8 data tapes
Tue, 1st Oct 2019
FYI, this story is more than a year old

To meet the unprecedented demand for FUJIFILM LTO Ultrium8 Data Cartridges (LTO-8), Dicker Data has received and begun shipping the first Australian delivery of tapes.

“To say the market has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of FUJIFILM LTO-8 tapes is an understatement,” says Dicker Data national business development manager Paul Tutton.

“As such, we pre-ordered the large amount of stock you see in the image above, most of which we have already sold to our customers. Fortunately FUJIFILM, as the manufacturer, has plenty of available stock and that combined with our next day delivery means our customers are always taken care of.

FUJIFILM LTO-8 tapes use its patented Barium Ferrite (BaFe) magnetic particle technology with its outstanding recording/retrieval performance and long-term durability to offer a storage capacity of 30TB (12TB for non-compressed data), twice the capacity of the previous generation LTO-7.

They are also capable of transferring data at 750MB/sec (360MB/sec for non-compressed).

“LTO tape is more relevant than ever to the market as it offers low cost of ownership, easy scalability and excellent security and protection from threats such as ransomware,” Tutton adds.

“The fact that FUJIFILM LTO-8 tapes are also available in WORM or an ECO pack in purchases of 20 carts or more for the plain packaging that eliminates individual plastic cases, makes these tapes a very attractive proposition indeed.

FUJIFILM LTO-8 tape main specifications

  • Capacity (at 2.5x compression) - 12TB (30TB)
  • Maximum transfer rate (at 2.5x compression) - 360MB/sec (750MB/sec.)
  • Number of tracks - 6,656 (32 track heads in the serpentine format)
  • Cartridge memory - 130,816Bits (16,352byte); internal EEPROM with electromagnetic induction antenna
  • Tape width - 12.65mm
  • Tape thickness - 5.6μm
  • Tape length – 960m

Recently, the Board of Directors of Dicker Data announced a new paid parental leave and salary continuance policies.

After another record-breaking half-year result, DDR is recognising its team by adding a new company-funded and administered Salary Continuance and Paid Parental Leave policy on top of the $1,000 worth of shares gifted to employees last month.

Dicker Data's paid parental leave and salary continuance policies will offer staff members up to 12 weeks paid leave.

By funding the initiative from the company's own balance sheet, Dicker Data is able to support its staff immediately when their family grows or when unexpected circumstances arise, without any lengthy approval and payment processes.