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Cohesity & NVIDIA collaborate to harness power of GenAI
Tue, 19th Mar 2024

Leading AI-powered data security and management company, Cohesity has teamed up with NVIDIA to aid organisations in harnessing the power of Generative AI (GenAI) and data. By integrating NVIDIA AI Enterprise into the Cohesity Gaia platform and utilising the newly announced NVIDIA NIM microservices, the companies aim to unlock deep AI-driven insights for their customers.

The Cohesity Gaia platform, an extensive, patent-pending collection of artificial intelligence capabilities, will include NVIDIA NIM and other technologies. This will result in a more robust, enterprise-grade, multicloud data platform equipped with practically implementable GenAI solutions. Apart from the collaboration, NVIDIA also became a buyer in Cohesity's recent fundraising efforts.

Customers stand to benefit significantly from the integration of Cohesity Gaia with NVIDIA AI Enterprise. They will have immediate access to the latest AI capabilities to efficiently drive operations, gain a deeper understanding of security risks and extract more value from their data. An AI tool will allow customers to query their data and gain insights about deployment, configuration information, security, and more.

Moreover, this collaboration enables the development of domain-specific and efficient GenAI models based on the customer's data managed by Cohesity, using NVIDIA NIM. Customers will have the opportunity to fine-tune large language models with their data and adapt them to suit their organisation's brand voice. Also, Cohesity's and NVIDIA's developer and partner ecosystems can utilise the secondary data of Cohesity, enabling partners to develop GenAI applications that offer deeper insights based on customer data.

Optimised GenAI can be added to the data backups and archives of customers with Cohesity Gaia using NVIDIA NIM. This integration will extend the capabilities of NVIDIA-optimised GenAI to all Cohesity Data Cloud customers, enabling them to glean data-driven insights. Cohesity Gaia was designed to cater to the changing needs of customers who seek to safely unlock AI's power to extract valuable insights from their enterprise data.

"Our collaboration, and NVIDIA's investment in our company, is a testament to the promise NVIDIA sees in Cohesity as a leader and innovator in GenAI as evidenced by Cohesity Gaia," said Sanjay Poonen, CEO and President, Cohesity.

"GenAI is a computing platform shift that's opened a floodgate of new productivity opportunities for enterprises. We're working with Cohesity to enable businesses to gain greater value from their data without compromising security or management flexibility," Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, commented on the partnership.

Cohesity Gaia, which is now generally available for customers, will be supplemented by succeeding integration with NVIDIA AI Enterprise capabilities in the future.