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Cloud Distribution signs GoGuardian for Chromebook security

By Heather Wright, Wed 19 Aug 2015
FYI, this story is more than a year old

Cloud Distribution has signed up Chromebook monitoring, filtering and theft recovery vendor GoGuardian, to address the issue of Chromebook security across local schools.

GoGuardian offers cloud based security services for the K-12 Chromebook education market across Asia Pacific.

The Chromebook management software provides administrators with access to advanced analytic data, web filtering and anti-theft services, allowing IT administrators to monitor how Chormebooks are being used across a campus – or across the globe.

Jason Burn, Cloud Distribution co-founder and sales director, says the growing trend of one-to-one technology programs in schools has created demand for efficient and comprehensive oversight.

“Before GoGuardian, many schools had no way of knowing what students were accessing through school bought Chromebooks,” he says.

“This severely impeded administrators’ abilities to form and implement effective policies for safe internet usage.”

Burn says GoGuardian provides educators with the technology they need to make informed, data driven decisions about internet usage, enabling them to ‘create a climate that fosters learning and productivity’.

GoGuardian software is in use on more than one million devices across 1600 school districts globally.

In January, Los Angeles Unified School District began implementing an ambitious one-to-one computer initiative which will see 661,000 students with Chromebooks managed by GoGuardian.

A fully functional evaluation of GoGuardian is available for Cloud Distribution reseller partners and customers to evaluate.

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