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BuildingMinds & GOLDBECK team up for ESG-focused real estate growth
Thu, 14th Mar 2024

BuildingMinds, the prominent ESG data management platform for the real estate value chain, is teaming up with GOLDBECK Sustainability Consulting to boost ESG data-led growth for the capital management company HANSAINVEST. This innovative joint venture aims to provide insights and consulting services to help construct more robust, ESG-compliant real estate portfolios whilst optimising ESG compliance data.

The partnership aims to strengthen the value of real estate portfolios facing stringent ESG regulations. This unique collaboration will help companies scrutinise ESG compliance data and enact economical, scalable strategies that assure the ESG compliance of real estate assets, thus managing risk while protecting their future worth.

One notable project emerging from the BuildingMinds and GOLDBECK Sustainability Consulting partnership is a significant sustainability-orientated real estate development endeavour for HANSAINVEST. For over 1,000 of HANSAINVEST's real estate assets, GOLDBECK performs a Carbon Risk Real Estate Monitor (CRREM) analysis, determining the financial risk based on each building's energy consumption. BuildingMinds subsequently applies its technical capabilities to process this data cleverly and produce strategically cost-efficient recommendations.

Furthermore, BuildingMinds and GOLDBECK will support HANSAINVEST in planning the strategic transformation process for the decarbonisation of portfolios and individual assets.

The BuildingMinds and GOLDBECK union is a timely response to new requirements and regulations linked to commercial real estate's ESG and compliance-related changes. Ensuring full ESG compliance is becoming increasingly vital as it directly impacts the financial value of property portfolios. The growing awareness of ESG-related issues amongst investors and the public underscores the importance of corporate accountability.

According to Marek Sacha, CEO of BuildingMinds, the objective is to turn the real estate sector from "a resource-consuming industry into a resource-generating industry" using AI and machine learning. With GOLDBECK's consulting expertise, true transformation is achievable.

Michaela Füller, Head of Sustainability Consulting at GOLDBECK, added, "Our joint expertise is enabling HANSAINVEST to carry out well-founded risk assessments of its real estate portfolio, while also offering the whole lifecycle of transformation services. Our goal is not only to provide our customers with the best possible and transparent advice, but at the same time to play an active role in the transition to a more sustainable real estate industry."

Stefan Thevajegan, Head of Portfolio Oversight and Operations at HANSAINVEST, praises the holistic approach provided by the partnership. It comprises continuous data collection, analysis and action planning, leading to an effective ESG strategy. Such an integrated solution aids HANSAINVEST's customers on their journey to Net Zero, covering all necessary monitoring, re-scoring and certifications along the way.

Founded in 2019 by the Schindler Group, BuildingMinds has grown into a significant international provider of software solutions catering to the multifaceted needs of real estate managers. Similarly, GOLDBECK started as a family-owned business in 1969 and has evolved into one of Europe's leading construction and services companies, completing over 500 projects annually.