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BLUETTI unveils pioneering outdoor power solution SwapSolar
Thu, 22nd Feb 2024

After the huge success of the BLUETTI AC500, which set a crowdfunding record of $12 million on Indiegogo, BLUETTI is back to shake things up by launching its first ecosystem, SwapSolar, on February 22nd at 1 am AEDT. First unveiled at CES 2024, the SwapSolar includes the world's first LFP-powered MultiCooler portable fridge and the AC180T hot-swappable battery power station. This groundbreaking duo offers an unprecedented blend of convenience and functionality for outdoor activities.

Meet BLUETTI SwapSolar: Two Birds, One Stone  

The SwapSolar is not just a product; it's an answer to your outdoor power needs, ice-making desires, and long-distance travel cooling cravings – all in one. The AC180T ensures your independent outdoor power supply off the grid, while the MultiCooler's 3-in-1 design provides excellent coolness and efficiency. 

As BLUETTI's spokesperson, James Ray, aptly puts it, "We want users to savor the joy of outdoor life. SwapSolar is your ticket to 3-6 days of happy camping trip. Power up and keep your food fresh at once, it’s time to go wild with BLUETTI!"

Introducing BLUETTI MultiCooler

MultiCooler's Triple Threat

Imagine a fridge that does it all - ice making, refrigeration, and freezing - in one sleek design. The MultiCooler has a 42qt (40L) capacity, enough to hold about 60 cans of soda. With a temperature range of -4°F to 68°F (-20℃ to +20℃), it caters to all your temperature whims. Its powerful compressor ensures rapid cooling from 86°F to 32°F (30℃ to 0℃) in just 15 minutes! Plus, the built-in ice maker produces crystal-clear ice cubes in minutes, perfect for your fizzy drinks and cocktails.

Smart and Portable Design

Weighing approximately 52.9 lbs (25kg) net, the MultiCooler is designed for easy lifting with side grooves. Got a full load? No problem. Use the wheels and drawbar for effortless transport. It's even equipped with 45°tilt protection for rough terrain. Worried about stability in your car? The optional slider has you covered. And yes, it operates quietly at 30dB in refrigeration mode and 45dB in ice-making mode, ensuring a peaceful environment. 

Easy Control at Your Fingertips

In addition to an intuitive LCD touch screen and a few touch buttons for easy use, the MultiCooler supports Bluetooth connectivity. Manage everything with the BLUETTI app - monitor temperatures in real-time and adjust settings such as ECO mode and Self-Clean mode.

Versatile Charging for Any Situation

The MultiCooler accepts four charging methods to keep your groceries at the right temperature. You can plug it directly into the wall or your car while making ice, a first in the industry. If you don't want to drain your car battery, use one of the AC180T batteries to charge it for 3 days. With a battery inside and connected to solar panels, it will literally run non-stop as long as the sun is shining.

Swappable Battery for Extreme Flexibility 

The AC180T introduces a removable battery design that allows you to replace its two B70 batteries(716.8Wh) from the top. It uses long-lasting and safe LFP batteries with 3,000+ life cycles and 5,000+ swap times. Since BLUETTI also sells these batteries separately, you can choose multiple battery packs to suit your needs. For longer trips and emergencies, just swap them out for instant full power anytime, anywhere.

To charge these batteries, plug the AC180T directly into a wall outlet for fast 1,440W AC charging or use solar panels for a constant power supply. The AC180T with one B70 battery has a capacity of 716.8Wh and an output power of 1,200W. With two B70 batteries, this upgrades to a 1,433.6Wh capacity with an output power of 1,800W.

Pricing and Availability

BLUETTI offers a reassuring 5-year warranty for the AC180T and 2 years for the MultiCooler. Join the Indiegogo campaign starting February 22 at AEDT 1 am and enjoy the best deals on limited quantities. Deliveries are available to select countries in Europe, the USA, Canada, and Australia.

The AC180T+MultiCooler combo has a retail price of $2198, with Super Earlybird pricing at $1429. The AC180T+MultiCooler+B70 combo has a retail price of $2627, with Super Earlybird pricing at $1719. Finally, the MultiCooler+B70 combo has a retail price of $1328, with a Super Earlybird price of $799.

*Note: Prices are in USD per Indiegogo's policy. Costs for non-US countries are based on current exchange rates. Shipping fees apply outside the USA; rates will specified on the purchase page by then.